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Sweaterhead and new Stamps

May 9, 2012

We all have a recollection of who we were as a child. Mine? Sweet, shy and a dreamer. I had a great imagination, loved dress-up, and got my feelings hurt really easily.

When I was about four years old I had really short hair – a mousy brown bob that I could tuck behind my little girl ears. To go along with my dress-up phase, for some reason, I always wanted long hair. Even though I chopped my birthday Barbie’s hair to a bob (perhaps I just wanted to make her like me?), I still longed for something to flow over my shoulders. This would be the appropriate time to throw your head back and laugh. Okay, now that that’s done. 😉

I was a little girl in a dream world, not realizing how cute I was, just as I was.

I don’t mind make believe. Dress up. Every girl wants to be a princess! But somehow that “wanting what I didn’t have” followed me into my adult years, and only more in recent times have I realized it.

There is more to me than the hair and attire, aspirations and achievements – there’s just me.

For all of you that may relate to my little tidbit of vulnerability let me just say – when you know Jesus, you realize all you DO have rather than long for what you don’t. It’s a process, but the journey God takes us on of completing and satisfying ourselves in Him, is the best trip I could ever ask for.

Like a new stamp in an old passport – God is stamping my life with Himself. And I’m enjoying the ride!

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