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A Wartime Bride

May 12, 2012

It was in the middle of WWII in Surrey, England and two sisters found themselves walking to a pub for an evening drink. Edna’s sister had a cold and she wanted some wine. Edna didn’t really fancy going out, but she went as a support.

That “night out” changed her life. A Canadian Officer saw Edna from across the room. As he came over, she was sure that he was going to approach her sister, but no. It was Edna he wanted.

Edna was a proper lady. She didn’t drink and surely wasn’t going to go home with any man unless he was going to make an honest woman of her. Marry her. And so he did, in 1942. In 1945, after their first child Dixie was born, the found themselves hiding in a bomb shelter waiting for the ship that would take them to Canada. They were herded like cattle on to the great big ship that would be home for two weeks as they set sail bound for Halifax. Two weeks later, and one train across the country, they landed in Alberta.
This past week I met Dixie – a sweet red headed woman who is now taking care of her aging mother, Edna, in a nursing home. It was lunchtime and I had decided to soak up some sun on the rooftop patio. Even though I had a book in hand, I was much more intrigued to hear their story. After asking a couple questions, I was soon on a journey of learning how Edna had met her husband.

“I love a good love story!” I said to Dixie who said she didn’t want to bother me.  I didn’t mind. I was intrigued. Wartime? England? Romance? Couldn’t get any better as far as I was concerned!

Edna, no longer bearing any teeth, lay on the bed sunning under the patio umbrella while Dixie shared with me how wonderful her mother was to her, and now she wanted to do the same for her Mom.

I was transported back in time – to an age where there was no internet, running water, or text messaging to make life and communication easier. Edna was a wartime bride who caught the eye of a Canadian Officer. She must be around 90 years-old now.

Edna would groan a bit from her bed as Dixie was sharing her parent’s love story. Dixie in turn would get up and care for her mom. She had nothing but kindness to say of her.

As we honour our Moms on Mother’s Day this weekend, I want to pay tribute all the mother’s out there who give up so much, love so deeply, guide so tenderly, pray so passionately, and never give up.  To all those women who captivated a young man’s glance, and still captivate him today … thank you for being an example for us all who will some day follow!

Thank you to my Mom who still loves working with Dad, shooting blackbirds on the farm, planting her garden, and serving in their community. I appreciate you and Dad so much… xo

Happy Mother’s Day!

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