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That Awkward Moment When …

May 23, 2012

We’ve all had them. But isn’t there something about the vulnerable rawness of a moment when your guard is down, and unexpectedly, you completely humiliate yourself? I saw a quote on Pinterest recently that said, “I don’t need to flirt with you. I’ll seduce you with my awkwardness.”  Hey, if you’re awkward, be awkward.

I’ve noticed a lot of Twitter and Facebook statuses lately have to do with awkward moments. Many of them I hope never actually happen, but so many of them we can all relate to.

I thought for a Wednesday post, I’d rally up some of my own history of awkward moments. Count them. All 12 of them, and tell me how many you yourself can relate to!

That awkward moment when …

  • While playing on the school playground at the age of eight, the game of “Boys Catch the Girls” innocently leads to you kicking the boy … in a very harmful spot. Silly girl, didn’t anyone ever tell you the boy was SUPPOSED to chase you? I guess kicking him doesn’t exactly scream “chase me again!”
  • Your high school English teacher tries to teach Sex Ed to a group of 14 year olds who were locally known as the “troubled class”. Guess who blushed the most?!
  • On Graduation day, in front of the whole town, the tribute to you from the younger class has subliminal messaging about the guy you have a crush on… Who just happens to be your escort. Say what?
  • When one of the first bosses you’ve ever had decides, in true Greek style, that you must meet his single son. Marry him. Have babies with him. And decides to keep a photo of his son sprawled on a lawn chair for you to look at in the kitchen.  
  • You see a newborn baby for the first time and you say “Aww she’s so cute!” and the mother responds, “His name is James.” (A wee bit of writer exaggeration on that one!)
  • You show up to a holiday party in a brand new dress and everyone is in jeans.
  • You are greeting media at a press conference only to realize too little too late that your hot pink bra was also saying hello through unbuttoned silk shirt. I purged my closet shortly thereafter.
  • When on a train from Sorrento to Rome with a friend a group of teenage Italian boys start hitting on you.  Umm, flattered, but I could be your mother!
  • When you board a plane on the prairies and a guy sits down next to you and you break out into an exuberant English accent… Only to have him get excited and start speaking in his normal accent – English – and ask where you are from. And you continue talking with said accent. (True story, a friend contributed!)
  • When you hang up the phone with your boss and nearly tell him you love him as a closing farewell.   Um, you don’t need to tell EVERYONE you love them when you hang up the phone Lani!
  • While serving a couple gentlemen tea in England you ask if they want food with their drinks and you misinterpret and think he said, “No, I’m dying.” Shocked. Sympathetic. Speechless. Two seconds later his friend interprets that he’s dieting! Awkward moment leads to being asked out for Valentines. Um, you could be my father!
  • When greeting an acquaintance randomly and you’ve gotten so used to asking “How are you?” that when they say hello you shout back, “I’m awesome!’ Um, they only said hi.

Awkward moments make life real. Interesting. Vulnerable. So instead of being hard on ourselves we might as well laugh and chalk it up to good story material later on!

Happy Wednesday ya’ll!

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  • Loretta May 23, 2012 at 8:55 PM

    Another awkward moment is when you catch yourself replying back to someone in the auto reply mode by saying “same to you” but the same doesn’t apply to them. One of many examples: After finishing lunch at an airport cafe and was paying the bill at the til, the waitress said “have a safe flight” and I replied “same to you”. She wasn’t flying anywhere!

    • lanilea May 23, 2012 at 10:36 PM

      Haha… yes very true Loretta! We’ve all had those initial responses built into us hey?

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