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40 Years – Something to Celebrate

June 29, 2012

In a world where heartbreak is not a stranger to anyone, I wanted to take time to thank my parents who are celebrating their 40th anniversary on June 30. No matter who reads this, you can likely find a relationship to either be thankful for, fight for, or mend.

Dad, was 18, and Mom was 15.  They were small town kids who knew each other from afar.  Mom was a tomboy so one evening at a church games night, she participated in tying a tie so tight around Dad’s neck – he still has never forgot!

Years later, after Mom got her BA degree in Regina and Dad was leading the farm as Grandpa was getting older, they saw each other again, in the same community. Mom was going to a neighbour’s one night and stopped at the farm to ask Dad if he wanted to come along. At the end of the night when she dropped him off Dad said, “We should do something some time.”  Their dates consisted of church activities and countless evening meals on the farm. Boy, could Grandma cook! And the rest is, as they say, history. They got married at 23 and 25 and have lived on the farm in Saskatchewan almost the whole 40 years.

I honor my parents today who always provided for us kids, protected us, took us to church on Sunday. They had us in school sports, dance classes, and at nearly every community event. My brother, sister and I are homegrown you could say.  The memories I’ve been given I hope to create for my own kids some day! And while I may not want to be a “farm girl” for life, the country girl in me who grew up with pets and lots of love is truly thankful.

It’s an amazing legacy to say your grandparents were married 60 years, and your parents 40 years.  And while no marriage or couple is perfect (we all know that!), I am very thankful that 9 hours away is a farm and community that will always be there to “come home to”.

Mom, Dad …. Thank you for the heritage. The legacy. The love. May you truly be blessed in all that you do for all that you have stood for. Us kids are truly grateful!

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  • Rory Alexander June 29, 2012 at 9:05 PM

    My parents are also celebrating their 40th anniversary next month and I too am so grateful for the loving environment they have provided for us children to grow up in and the example they have set.

  • lanilea June 30, 2012 at 5:22 AM

    Well and a Happy Anniversary to them too!!

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