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July 20, 2012

It’s been one of those really busy weeks – but a week full of so many good things.  I am trying to keep in the habit of looking at what I do have, rather than constantly asking God for more of what I want and  am still waiting for (um, patiently?).  So on this Friday afternoon, follow me as I unwrap my week…

Thankful #1 *bringing hope to our community*
– our church started a bus ministry last weekend, and we kicked it off with block party. 27 people hopped on the bus the next day for their first journey to our church, and several accepted Jesus into their lives!  At the end of the afternoon in the park, all I could think was how nice it was to not only serve with my church family IN church, but love on our community, together. I was on face-painting and hair-braiding duty!

Thankfulness #2 *watching someone find love, even if it’s a reality show* – Bachelorette Men Tell All was on this week.  Yes, I will admit I’ve followed this season of Emily’s search for love enthusiastically! Now she’s down to her final two men and we find out Sunday who she picked! Being a hopeFUL romantic, of course I love a happy ending 😉

Thankfulness #3 *friendship and captured hearts* – I had good friends and their 2year-old stay with me for a few days.  I took Abygail to the corner store with me for a mere fifteen minutes, skipping and hopping along. Ok, maybe that was just me 😉 After constantly being on watch that she didn’t ram someone in the aisles with her mini-cart, I told her Mom and Dad when we returned, “Ok, new respect! My blood pressure went way up in those fifteen minutes!!”  As they were getting ready to leave the next morning for a family holiday, little Abygail captured my heart again by saying, “Are you coming with me, Lani?” Honey, I wish I could!

Thankfulness #4 *generous artists* – In preparing for the art show fundraiser tomorrow for Home of Hope (please come if you can!), it’s been amazing to see the generosity of artists donating their beloved pieces. Here’s hoping we raise bucket-loads of cash for the kids in Africa to go to school!

Thankfulness#5 *happy families and old friends* – I had my final photo shoot of the season this week with a friend I went to College with. I got to meet, and snuggle, their new baby girl. How precious is she?!

Thankfulness #6 *country roots and the fair* – It’s been a few years since I’ve been to the fair, and my boss gave me some free tickets, so a friend and I enjoyed some good laughter and screaming last night (ok, that was me screaming). Sawyer Brown was the feature concert, and I relived my “youth” as I saw them when I was about 13 years old. I’m happy to save I bravely went on an “upside down” ride, though I had my eyes closed and screamed the whole time. Hey, the boys in front of us had fair warning 😉

Thankfulness #7 *getting better with age* – And of all the random things to end this post with, something I am embarrassingly thankful for…. I realized this week that my 31 year old body can do things that at 30 I could not! Sounds silly, but at 5’7, I appreciate being able to not only stretch to touch my toes but the floor as well. Hellooooo to exercising more and seeing results! After realizing this I texted a friend, “Is this what 80 will be like? I’ll call you and say ‘Hey, I can still pee!”…. ?

While no life is ever perfect (who are we kidding?!), there is WAY too much in life to be thankful for, so might as well spot the small stuff and say, “Thanks God! You were good to me this week. Again.”

I hope you join me in finding something to be thankful for as we head into the weekend!

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