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*when orange shoes turn into red lips*

September 19, 2012

A couple of years ago, my mentor returned from New York and when we met for our “catch up supper” at a downtown Thai restaurant, she began to tell me of these outrageous orange heels she bought while in the Big Apple. They were nothing like anything she owned and made her step out of that nicely laid comfort zone.  These shoes, though a simple possession, signified a new season of life for her – it was to be nothing like the past. A new season of following her heart and if that meant wearing something she wouldn’t normally wear, then so be it. It was kind of symbolic and had to do with many other decisions in life. I had just gone through a really bad break up and as my hazel eyes searched for some words of depth and inspiration she told me, “You need to find your orange shoes.”

I sighed. And agreed. She has been an amazing woman of strength for me in seasons of life when I didn’t know what to do.

More than anything I want this blog to inspire you and draw you closer to Jesus. That is my heart.  I can’t imagine life without hope in Christ. But I also want to take you, my reader, on a journey with me of every day kind of stuff so you know that I am a real person, doing my best to live and appreciate this gift called life!

I am a “stop and smell the roses” kind of girl, but I don’t want to just write about the sunshine. I want to tell funny stories of what it’s like to be a single career woman. Share pictures of my mad house decorating weekend or my failed attempts at baking something beautiful.  Maybe even take you on a road trip. 😉 I follow a few photographer blogs and the thing I like most is not that they just show me “their work”, but that I get to see every day life. And to be honest, it’s those things that inspire me more.

One such blog I read recently was by a mother in Australia. She took on the challenge of wearing red lipstick for one full week. Grocery shopping. Taking the kids to school. Bedtime. Everywhere.  As a mother, she didn’t want to get complacent about her looks, and boy did people notice! She carried herself differently. Red demands attention, let’s face it. She owned those red lips for a full week. It was less about trying new make-up and more about taking ownership of changes in her own life and walking confidently in those changes.

Well, I’m 31, a working professional and I love to try new things (confession!), and I rarely wear lipstick. I’m a two-pumps-gloss-half-shot -color kind of girl.

So, in the new vein of bringing you a little closer into my every day kind of world, not just the inspirations and photography, I’ve decided to issue myself a challenge.

The Red Lipstick Challenge will commence tomorrow. My new lips will accompany me to work. Bible study. Photo shoots. Running.  Serving coffee at church. Pumping gas and picking up groceries.

Do I think I can pull it off? I don’t know!!!

Do I suspect it will change my life? No. But I DO know that the greatest ideas, changes and new beginnings start in embryonic form. An idea. A “hmmm” or a whisper. One of those kinds of moments. So here goes some “orange shoes”.

Time to lay the smack down!

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  • jlmcorbeil September 24, 2012 at 10:16 PM

    I absolutely love this! I’m feeling like I need to find my own “orange shoes”… this could get interesting! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

    • lanilea September 25, 2012 at 2:04 AM

      Sweet!! Let me know what you discover! I’ve got a post coming up soon about what “red lips week” has been like 😉

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