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Our Wedding Day

November 3, 2014

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It was the perfect day.

As we left the reception that night, my eyes welled up with thankfulness for how wonderfully OUR day had gone. From all the friends and family who helped to make it a reality, to all those who drove a distance to watch us become a Mr and Mrs — it was perfect.

We planned our wedding in three months, and while I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that short timeline for everyone, it worked for us!  Along the way I did have to remind myself that nothing had to be Pinterest perfect, it just had to be ‘us’. And to be honest, I was way more concerned about preparing for MARRIAGE than I was about having some far-off, over-the-budget wedding. We wanted our ceremony to reflect our love for the Lord and our commitment to Him and each other. Troy created our centerpieces and built and amazing arch, and “rustic chic’ quickly became our theme. Funny enough, it’s very trendy right now, but it is also very ‘us’. I became an Etsy guru and spreadsheet-queen throughout the process!

If anyone would’ve told me at the age of 18 when I was dead-set on getting married by 23 that I would wait until 33, I would’ve cried my eyes dry! But Troy was so worth the wait, and God has had be in His hands all along, and I wouldn’t change any of my journey! Here are a few pictures from our day, by This Beloved Life Photography (Red Deer, AB).


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  • Anonymous November 3, 2014 at 8:43 PM

    Love the story Lani, one can feel the love through the words.

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