Making Room: Beginning of Advent

December 1, 2014

822a5380957f4b043861df588a209120Micro-apartments are on the up-and-up in American cities like New York and San Francisco. As people move to the urban centres for opportunity, school, and careers, space unfortunately, has to grow up (the European way to build up, not the Albertan way to build bigger). People need to become more and more inventive with what they do with the space they have. 300 sq ft and smaller is not at all uncommon in metro living, with a 450sq ft studio recently going for $340,000 in NYC. The micro-apartments appeal to people looking for lifestyle, over, well, stuff.

People create home and make room out of whatever space works for them at the season of life they are in. Whether it is 300sq ft or 2,000 sq ft, you can work with what you have, and make it homey. You move things around, purge unneccesary items, and make room for what is really important.

The concept of ‘making room’ is one that has been on my heart for a couple of years. It’s something that can thread into almost every area of our lives really. From fashion to time management to my relationship with the Lord – I felt a need to simplify. Make room for something else, so to speak. And in order to do so, in means letting go of one thing to make room for something else.

When I moved and got married this summer, I purged a lot. It was a good opportunity to ask myself, “Does this need to come with me into this next stage of life?” For me, ‘making room’ has meant saying yes to things only out of a desire to be involved, rather than obligation. Buying things that I love, rather than just because they’re on sale (that is STILL a work in progress for sure! And it’s a bonus when it’s something I love AND on sale!). And letting my time with Jesus be less about a program or system, and just making time, and letting Him speak and lead me. Sometimes being silent is harder than finding the words to pray 😉

As advent has begun and we begin to prepare our hearts for Christmas and celebrating Jesus, it can be so easy to get caught up in ticking things off the shopping list and filling our social calendar. All good things! But just as someone can make a 300sq ft space beautiful, let’s take the time to let the Lord meet with us, and make our hearts beautiful; whether we are a micro-apartment or mansion at heart.

Wherever we are at, whatever stage of life or hurt we come to Him with, I am certain that if we make room, Jesus can fill it.

“Let every heart, prepare Him room…”

{ on the topic of making room and creating beauty out of what space you have (metaphorical or literal), this weekend I took a stab at making these sheet music stars that you can hang or use as tree decorations. our little space needed something Christmassy even though we move in about 10 days. here’s the tutorial if you’d like to try them too!}

music star

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