The year for …

January 7, 2015


May this year be the year that you let go. Let go of all that trips you, offends you, binds you and taunts you.

May you turn off the lies you tell yourself. And embrace all that you can’t change, to appreciate what is.

May this be the year that you revel in creation, and learn to create in new ways.

May this be the year that you stop to think about what you’re thinking about, and ask God for a fresh revelation.

May this be the year you try. Whatever that looks like for you.

May this be the year that your mantra is less about what you do, and more about who you are.

May this be the year that simplicity calls out your name with its sweet kiss; both tender and firm.

May you edit less of life, and enjoy more ‘writing’.

May this be the year that the Lord unravels the knots and shows His love with clarity, in only the way that He truly can. May He satisfy you like nothing else.

May this be the year.

For me, my word is brave. Over the past couple of years the Lord has been rewiring a lot of old thinking and releasing a new trust in His gospel, His love. For me, being brave this year will mean starting a new job as the contract I’ve had with a company I’ve been with for 8 years draws to a close. Being brave in making new friends in a new church and community. Stepping out of my comfort zones, in so many ways! Being brave enough to be real with myself about mine and my husband’s dreams, and sticking it out with accountability and discipline.

For me, ‘brave’ symbolizes all that can be, if I let go of my way just a little bit more.

Happy new year all! xo

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