Purpose in process

January 21, 2015

He breathes. Peace. I receive. And then continue to shuffle restlessly.

Just wait. Wait to see what I am doing.

I pray. Give it to Him. Then take it back. Then count the minutes until He answers.

Wait. I’ve got this.

But I like progress now. Change, now.

Can anyone else relate to this internal dialogue with the Lord? When we know the Lord is at work, yet so want to determine the timing and details of what it looks like.

Did you know that a caterpillar sheds several skins before its made new? And the size of the caterpillar apparently determines the length of time in the cocoon. It’s different for all of them. Yet in order to be made new, something has to be shed. Let go of. And sometimes, several times over.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIn setting up home, I have seen how my husband and I work on projects differently. He takes his time. With a love for quality and detail, Troy will let the process take its time until beauty is restored. When he brought in our kitchen table-top (gorgeous!) that he restored I said, “I hope that rubs off on me!” Patience in beauty. Letting it take time to get to the finished project, rather than rushing out of impatience and having a lesser product in the end.

Processes. Never fun. But we can be confident that the Lord is in them.

Yesterday as I was reading I felt Jesus whisper, “I do My best work when you are weak.” Romans 5:6 promises us of that – that while we were still weak, He died for us.

So take joy in weak moments (grace!), wait through the process, shed and let go. Something new is in the works. And perhaps like the caterpillar, in the waiting, He is really just showing us how to… be still. 

I leave you with this…. Shepherd, by Bethel worship.

In the process, in the waiting, You are singing melodies over me…


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