I’m so glad you’re here

February 10, 2015

SV-porch1-altered1_bwHe’d be dressed in plaid, because that’s what a father should wear. But not the cotton plaid, no, it’d be the felt kind. Thick. The kind that attracts remnants of everything it touches like a burr; almost as if to keep a memory of everywhere he’d been. It’d be that kind of plaid.

He’d have a front porch. A porch that always had a light left on. Where the neighbours from all around would come and settle into the wooden rocker and stay long past midnight. Laughing. Sharing. Crying if need be.

His scent would be sweet and strong. Because he’d be both inviting and protective.

His voice would ring out. Welcoming. With authority. But it’d be the kind you never tired of; the kind that you would beg to tell you just one more story.

He’d teach you about what makes the oak tree grow strong, how to keep your roses from dying, and how to decipher between each beautiful bird song. He’d teach you to see everything around you with his eyes.

The twinkle in his eyes would almost be transparent. Full of love. Care. And humour. Slight creases around the corners. Oh, if those wrinkles could talk. They wouldn’t tell of the worries, they’d tell of the joys.

He’d be both the life of the gathering, and the best one-on-one you’d ever encountered. He’d be whatever you needed in that moment. Because, he delights.

And when you pulled up from a long trip away, he wouldn’t say, “It’s about time you came home!” No. He’d be the first one to his feet. The first one off the porch, increasing his gait to reach you as quick as he could. He’d bring twinkle and scent, strength and love all in one embrace. And you’d melt.

Because that’s the kind of love our Heavenly Father brings. Actually, is.

He’s what you need when you don’t know anymore. He welcomes, when you shudder at coming home, weak yet again. He’s the first one to say, “I can heal that.”



For some reason, we can have a hard time picturing our Heavenly Father this way, don’t you think? Not that I think He’s robed in plaid and Old Spice! But I can’t help but share pictures that I get, with you. God is revealing Himself more and more to my heart. That I can learn not just to see Him as One who wants to teach me and make me more like Jesus (which is truth, but….).

But, He’s a loving Father God who sometimes just wants to say, “I’m so glad you’re here.”


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