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Introducing…. Lion & Light Inc

March 23, 2015

Something Troy and I knew early on in our relationship was that we both loved creating and had an entrepreneurial flair. We had a feeling we could end up working at creating something beautiful together (*Ahem, not just children 😉 )

So… this month, Troy and I launched a business, Lion & Light Inc !!


And to be quite honest, we feel this is just the beginning… just a ‘small birthing’ of sorts, of what we hope this could, and will, become.

centre piecesSomething that started it all – was at our wedding when Troy built BEAUTIFUL centerpieces using barnwood from the farm where I grew up. We filled them with lush flowers and guests and those who helped gladly took them home at the end of the night. Troy’s father taught him well, and now Troy can pretty much create anything he dreams up. Thus… Lion & Light.

Our primary audience are two groups: 1) interior designers who have clients with a need for a unique custom piece that you can’t find anywhere else. Enter, L&L. 2) Individuals looking for unique pieces for their home – whether from our shop or custom builds.

As we sat down to dream up a name, we knew we wanted an anchor to be a part of our logo. It might seem like an obscure thing for two prairie kids, but it’s actually a symbol for us of our hope in Christ through anything. Our wedding verse was Hebrews 6:19, “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” And the anchor played a part in our wedding design. As we talked about what words defined us and what we wanted to create, lion and light just came out of us. Strength, earthy, eternal, strong yet inspiring. We believe Jesus is both lion and light in our lives and we wanted our business name to reflect that. Aaaaand we both have a longing to live by water… something anchors also represent.

So, Ladies and gentlemen, let me proudly introduce to you… Lion & Light.

You can have a look at our products and prices here on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram as we share videos and photos of Troy creating new products!



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  • March 25, 2015 at 7:47 AM

    Best of luck with the business Lani and Troy! Brent

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