Creating Home

Creating Home

June 26, 2015

Happy friday ya’ll!  I am happy to announce I am starting a new category on the blog, called “Creating Home”.

Since we got married last summer, and I’ve had the time to settle in and ‘nest’, I’ve also fallen in love with creating home, in every sense of the word.

I’ve always had a love for making a space as cozy as it can be, using whatever I could find or afford. Even as a teen, I would rather be the girl planting flowers, making home pretty, and teaching the dog tricks than out driving the tractor! I have discovered a love for hosting that I never knew was in me. Please. Come over so I can try a Pinterest recipe on you 😉 Thankfully, I have had the blessing of time to experiment in cooking, decorating, and settling into our first home together! I posted a blog recently on ways we saved money in decorating and creating projects in our home ourselves, and you can read that here.

Honestly, I can struggle with comparison and wanting what I see on other people’s instagram feeds (from people who have different budgets, stores, and a lifetime of experience!), but I am slowly learning that beauty can be found and created in any place. It just takes some creativity and contentment.  So come along with me, let’s share some beauty…

Troy and I recently took a road trip to the farm in Saskatchewan. Mom and Dad have inherited pieces from their parents, and even grandparents, so we knew there was still some treasure hunting we could do. More and more, Troy and I are trying to look at anything and everything with new eyes. How can we recreate this? It’s SO fun to do together. It’s ‘our thing’. Some couples love games, or cooking, or playing tennis. We love treasure hunting!

We came back with a few antiques, and one of them was this piano seat that was tucked away on a shelf in the quonset. Dad said it belonged to Grandma. The seat lifted, and underneath was musty old sewing scraps! Since it was sturdy, I figured a simple fabric change-up and some paint would make this a beauty. We came home Tuesday night, and by Wednesday night I had this completed. Okay, okay, Troy helped me with the fabric bit. Who knew my husband knew something about upholstery?! He said he watched a video once 😉

The colour I am forever drawn to is that robins egg blue/mint shade. So, of course, this was the fabric I chose. I got .6meters so it only cost me $6.50, and I still have some left over! I already had the paint at home as well (Annie Sloan chalk paint, Old Ochre).

Here is a before, and a few after pictures. The stool will come in handy as an extra seat at our dining table, but for now, it’s in our livingroom 🙂IMG_0614_MG_2194_MG_2196_MG_2197

Have a great weekend!

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