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Monday Minute: When sweetness is found in unexpected places

June 29, 2015



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It was easier than I thought it would be. I imagined it being one of the harder things to get used to in marriage, but it’s been one of the easiest, and one of the sweetest for me.

Sharing a bed.

I was a virgin when we got married. Never shared a bed. And since I was 33, I just kind of assumed that it would be a hard transition to go from having the bed all to myself to sharing it with Troy. I thought that baring all of myself physically to him would be hard. But it’s actually been one of the sweetest, easiest and most comfortable things for me. Well, that’s all I’ll say about that 😉

I love pillow talk. I love crawling into bed at the end of a day to share a few words with Troy. It becomes more words if we can stay awake for it. Sometimes I near talk Troy to sleep, because for some reason, as soon as the lights go off, my soul decides it’s the best time to share anything and everything. We chuckle at it, as I can be drowsy in front of a movie but as soon as we crawl into bed, it’s ‘ding’!! Pillow talk time.

Something I imagined to be hard, has become a sweet sweet thing to me.

This past week, Troy’s aunty and uncle from out of town were working in the area, so they popped in for dinner. With little notice, I was glad I had just done a grocery shop so I felt prepared! I pulled out the pretty napkins, lit a candle, graced the centre of the table with a small mason jar of flower petals in the middle. It was just a simple BBQ meal, but we love to share our table and home with others. Working from home since last fall enabled me to get dinner on early, try new recipes, experiment. It’s been such a gift – learning to cook for 2. Or four. Or six 😉 And I love it. As a single woman, I had people over on occasion, but really didn’t use a lot of recipes, because it was just me. Cooking for yourself is not nearly as satisfying!

The following day, Troy’s aunty showed up on our doorstep, gift in hand. She brought me a sweet rustic fleur-de-lis bell. She said it can be something that I ring the family to the table with; a symbol of hosting and sharing our home. I squealed! It’s so ‘me’.

Things I thought would be daunting, hard to transition, into, have become such sweet gifts. Now I have this beautiful little bell as a symbol of sweetness found in transition. You better believe I will be ringing our quiver full of children to the table with it 😉 (Did I just say quiver?)

I think the Lord likes to surprise us sometimes. The things in the back of our mind that we think, “Oh that could be difficult.” He finds a way to give us grace. Time. People. Moments. To make it sweet. And we get to stand back, because we had nothing to do with making it happen.

Thank you, Lord, for sweetness found in unexpected ways.

He is good, and He does good. (Psalm 119:68)


(Note: I missed last week’s Monday Minute, due to being away visiting family. Here’s a few pictures from our road trip home to Saskatchewan)

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On our way to a Roughriders game, it was hailing and torrential downpour. The skies cleared as soon as we got to the stadium, and the pre-season game was on! I think us ladies watched Lily (my niece) more than we watched the game!
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At a cousin’s wedding…

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Grandma and Lily at a family brunch 🙂

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Out for a Father’s day walk with the fam


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Meandering the farm for potential treasures …

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Road trip essentials… 1.5hours from the farm 🙂

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