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Progress, not perfection: My skin journey

July 3, 2015


I don’t share these pictures lightly. But sometimes our world needs a little more real photos, less filters, and a chance to celebrate progress, not perfection. The all-time highest read post on my blog was this one, where I showed a ‘before make up’ photo and a day I got gussied up to go to a wedding. At the time, I wanted to share that there is beauty in rawness, and sometimes we forget that. I feel this blog is not only my creative outlet, but a platform to speak into other people’s lives, and my hope is that through what I write you see Jesus. End of story.

So, to share other parts of my life, I wanted to share another journey I’ve been on. Please know, I am SO not a product pusher. This is just my journey and, I think it’s worth sharing!

Since we got married last year, I was on birth control for months leading up to the wedding, and for about four months after. My skin was the best it had ever been, I was so thankful. It was something I always worried about when I thought of my wedding day – my skin. I had some side effects to the pill, and various effects depending on which brand I was on (I tried a three). With some I had headaches, nausea, and was a bit crusty 😉 However the last straw came for me, when I was all of the above plus losing some of my hair, AND then my skin went NUTS around November. I’ve never had perfect skin, it’s been a lifelong journey. But it became the worst it had ever been. It became painful to wash or apply make up (though I still did), dry, red, irritable.

I mean, EVERYTHING in my life did change in a matter of weeks – got married, moved cities, packed up my home, was living in a 500sq ft space with my new hubby, went from working in an office to working from home, new church, where’d all my friends go? Yeah. It was a lot. Thank You Jesus that You are my constant in it all! But, all that aside, it affects the hormones. Naturally. And eventually, my body was resisting even the positive side effects of the pill.

So, after a visit to a naturopath to get some vitamins and going off the pill, I tried to work at naturally getting my hormones back in line. However, my skin just wasn’t improving. I tried “oil cleansing”. I tried the product I was on last year (SkinTX) that did seem to help a bit with texture. Even still, there were nights I’d literally be crying as I washed up before bed. Troy, the amazing man that he is, stood with me. Held me. Prayed with me. Loved me. *tear* It was hard, I kid you not. Because I was doing everything I knew to do and still no results. I had the worse skin of my life, and here I was a newlywed in a new season of life, and it hurt to even touch my face.

Walk in, my mother-in-law.

She and my sister-in-law were talking about a product by the American company, Rodan + Fields (same dermotologists who created ProActive). I was skeptical, as I am about all products. But I was also up for trying anything, especially at that point. The new adult product line was being launched in Canada in February, and my mother-in-law was going to try the anti-aging product. She was beautiful before, but it has definitely done wonders for her as well!

She signed up and got the Soothe and Unblemish product, and said it’s worth me trying.

In the beginning of May I started, and oh my goodness! I’ve been doing a combo of the two, one in morning, one at night. I am breaking out WAY less, and when I do, it clears up quicker and isn’t painful. My overall skin tone is getting more even (though I am okay if I always have a bit of scarring, it’s part of my story 😉 ) And I feel I finally have a bit of a glow to my skin.

For me, I feel like it’s an answer to prayer. Something I needed, and it’s working for me. I do have a fairly balanced diet, don’t get me wrong, as I’ve been cutting out refined sugar in my baking, eat as much fresh foods as I can, and more whole grains. Things like hydration, sleep, and exercise have SUCH an impact on my overall being. I do believe that God has given us our bodies to take care of, not fill with garbage day in and day out. My skin journey has just been trickier to figure out!

But, this girl who has fought acne for 20 years is thankful. Check it out, it may be something that you’d be interested in!

Photos below state when they were taken, but the first one is of me today. No make up, fresh from the shower, and feeling great! Sheesh, I could’ve smiled a bit more in the other ones hey? 😉




Taken end of January.


Mid-May, two weeks after using the product. I kick myself for not taking a photo the DAY I started. I was definitely still red, broken out, and needing skin nourishment!IMG_0707IMG_0704IMG_0703IMG_0702IMG_0701

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  • Robert Gilgan July 3, 2015 at 3:58 PM

    Great post, Lani.

    • Lani July 3, 2015 at 6:05 PM

      Thanks for reading, Rob!!

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