Monday Minute: Good good

July 6, 2015

lovedfeetI like to purge. Since I’ve moved a lot in my adult life, I’ve acquired and let go of a lot of furniture, décor, and clothing. Well, the other day I was ready to attack the closet again and become a pro at minimalizing. This round of purging didn’t last very long because I came across this shirt. It’s one thing I almost got rid of, that I am sure cost no more than $5 at American Eagle at some point over the past few years. It quickly became more of a pj shirt, and one I hardly ever wear now.

But as I nearly tossed it into a goodwill bag, I thought, “But I don’t ever want to forget that I am loved, and this t-shirt is such a good reminder!” Sentimentality won on that one

But really. I thought that perhaps you need a reminder to start your week, that…

You. Are. Loved.

Perhaps by your parents who bore you. The siblings that you grew up with. The friends you now share life with. But mostly, GOD loves you. It’s a message we can and should never tire of, and one I am praying threads deeper into the fabric of my heart. A message that keeps me awake at night in wonder. A peace that overwhelms when I need the reminder. A wind that blows away fear and worry because His love is greater. Not because of anything I have done, but all because of what He has.

It’s a message we can never get rid of. We can never purge it from our closet, no matter how familiar or bored we get with it. God is absolutely and completely in love with you and wants you.

I am loved. Ergo, the t-shirt stays 😉

Enjoy this video of a song Troy and I recently came across, and I can’t get out of my head.

Happy week! You are loved!

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