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One photo decor pallet

July 8, 2015


A lot of time can be spent, ‘er, wasted, on Pinterest. A LOT. It can be great for idea perusing, but sometimes it’s overwhelming! And I fall into comparison or deep deep, want!

As we’ve been decorating our new home, I’ve referred back to my Home and Décor and Design Pinterest board a lot. I’ve heard people say that your home style evolves over the years, especially as the budget does 😉

I’ve discovered, that sometimes I just want to get things done, rather than laying out a plan, working hard at it, and then finding what I actually want, and being okay in the middle moments where it’s unfinished. I find that is my mode of operation, in many areas of my life. In other words, I like quick fixes.

When we moved in at Christmas time, I knew I had a lifestyle article due in a few weeks, which required photos. So, I busily tried to get some décor up, but didn’t sit down and think room by room, whole picture. I said to Troy the other day, “I think it would work better for me if I save up for each room, and plan the décor all at once, rather than bit by bit.” Granted, we may find treasures or one-off pieces. But I am finding my style, to really get what I want, will take intention, saving, and time.

I asked myself, “Well what IS our color and texture pallet?” As I looked around our house so far, and on my Pinterest board of future wishes, this ONE photo is what I came up with. Yes, it’s a collage, but it helped me narrow down the things that I am drawn to, whether it fits into a current style type or trend.


What I gather from this one picture:

*Textures I/we like: wood, copper, black iron fixtures, worn metal, old leather, chippy wood
*Colors: soft hints of pink, seafoam blue, and navy
*Patterns: black and white stripes and paisley (something French inspired!)
*plants, for something living (as long as I don’t kill it 😉 )

For me, that narrowed down my whole Pinterest board and I feel it’s a good reference point for me moving forward! Wait for the things I love, rather than just filler or because something is on sale!

Happy Wednesday!

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