Monday Minute: Look. Consider. Seek.

July 13, 2015

If you google the most amazing places in the world, many of them are off the beaten track; hidden walkways, waterfalls, mountains. Secret places that God has given unimaginable beauty.

Check out these few…

Wisteria Flower Tunnel, Japan

Wisteria Flower tunnel_Japan


Tunnel of Love, Ukraine
Tunnel of Love_Ukraine


Mount Roraima, Venezuela/Brazil/Guyana

Mount Roraima, Venezuela:Brazil:Guyana


Bamboo Forest, Japan

Bamboo forest_JapanLast week I was reading Matthew 6, and since it’s all in red (Jesus speaking) I tried to read slowly. Digest it. The portion from verse 25-34 is one that has often been preached on, ‘don’t worry’!

We are admonished to not be anxious; and if you look at nature, God clearly loves to ‘take care’ of that which He created. Anxiousness in itself is a sign that some part of our heart has yet to be redeemed and transformed by the gospel. There’s something we are still holding tightly to.

As I read this, I saw three things that Jesus directs us to do with our hearts, instead of being anxious:

  • ‘Look’ at the birds of the air, vs 26

So I asked myself, ‘how many kinds of birds are there in the world?’

This site says:

“The answer to that is about 10 thousand. Several of these kinds, or species, are numbered over 3 billion in the world. There are lots of kinds of birds that are very common, including some sea birds that spend their whole lives flying around the ocean except when they are having babies on some tiny island. That makes them very hard to count correctly. All together the total number of wild birds in the world is somewhere between 100 billion and 400 billion! The fact that there is such a big difference in those numbers shows how hard it is to count them all.”

And God takes care of THEM ALL.

Look at the unfettered way He tends to the millions of birds. They are fed. Cared for. Provided for.

Look. God will provide.

  • Consider the lilies, vs 28

According to this site, there are over 300 kinds of lilies around the world. They don’t toil or spin (vs28). And even King Solomon, in all his splendor, was not arrayed like one of these (vs29). Lilies show up. Shine. And they are one of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers out there.

Considering, also, is a position of the heart. Consider the outward appearance that is obtained without toiling or spinning, but being.

Consider. He makes all things beautiful in time.

  • Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, vs 33

Seeking the Lord first, is also an outward action that requires a certain position of the heart. With all the distractions we have these days, it can be difficult, but if the Lord asks us to do something, then we know He provides a way to do so as well.

Seek. Him first, always.

For Troy and I, there are some unknowns in our future, and these verses were such a good reminder for me!

Don’t be anxious, fuss, toil about tomorrow.

Look. Consider. Seek.

Because God loves to make even secret places beautiful!

Happy Monday!

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