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If this wall could talk…

July 17, 2015

When we first moved into our house over the Christmas holidays, I had a lifestyle article due just three weeks later, that required I take some photos of our home (It was a home magazine). We hadn’t had time to live in our home, and decide what we wanted and where, but I felt inclined to get it decorated ASAP. Thus my favourite photo I took of the Eiffel Tower, and a few other frames, went up on the livingroom wall. I had never really sat down to map it out (as you should for a gallery wall), and give myself time to collect things I really loved, and wanted to showcase.

Fast-forward seven months later, and I decided on a do-over. I liked some of the things that were up already, but I felt I was too linear and perfect with the initial hanging. It required a more eclectic and mismatched feel. And it’s only nail holes right? 😉

So this week, I pulled everything down and put it all on the kitchen table.  A few hours later of measuring, taping, sweat, and hunting for nails, and my eclectic gallery wall is up, with room for more small treasures as I find them. And, I LOVE it. I feel that it is like a giant art piece that now tells a story.


I really wanted our wedding picture in our living area, and didn’t have any other wall for it, so up it went. Along with a mirror of my grandparents’, a scripted message from the Canadian government from when Troy’s grandpa was killed in WWII, the rose that Troy drew and gave me on our first date, some barnboard art I am starting to make, along with some thrifted antiques that just make my heart smile. And the best thing, there is still room for more 😉


I am learning, in a lot of things, that the process of planning, time, and work is worth it. For some reason, I gravitate to quick-fixes, and then end up not liking it anyway. The Lord and Troy both know this is a process I am in! I WANT to put the effort into those things that will be worth it, I just tend to try and determine the outcome before I even set out. This feeling follows me in my writing especially, as I start a new book. I try to determine the outcome before I set out, rather than being obedient to the process I know I am to be doing right now – write. I have to let the process take however long it needs to, in order to get out the message I feel is in my heart.

Creating a home, sharing a story, anything worth doing, will take time. Lord, would You help me to learn this sooner than later?!

Hope you enjoyed our little gallery wall!




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  • lianatafuri July 17, 2015 at 8:54 AM

    I love that your gallery wall has so much meaning! So beautiful!

    • Lani July 17, 2015 at 11:32 AM

      Thank you for stopping by!

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