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One year ago today… I married my best friend

August 9, 2015


One year, the most amazing, life-changing year of my life. When this blog is posted, Troy and I will be away in Michigan, visiting some family for two weeks. A long-awaited holiday 🙂

Marriage has brought sweetness, strength, transition, refining, joy, and work (hey, let’s be honest!). And I wouldn’t trade any of it. The other day we were rubbing after-sun lotion on each others’ backs (hello summer vacation), and I said, “Isn’t marriage great?” I guess in that moment I loved, yet again, the teamwork of marriage and how it is literally, ‘having each other’s back’ no matter what.

So, to my Troy I say…

Thank you for loving me through a big transition year. Thank you for showing me what a real man is. Thank you for loving God first, and leading our home.

I have loved growing closer to the Lord with you this year. I have loved learning to cook for two and open our home to others. I have loved antiquing, creating, laughing, dreaming, and building a life with you this year.

I love how worship music is your juice when you create in the garage. I love how you treat other people with grace and respect, but call them on their crap when they need it. I love how you appreciate anything I cook, and eat it with a thankful heart. I love how you grab my hand to pray at night, to end our day in thankfulness.

I am so thankful how you challenge me to write, let God work His process in me, and encourages me to make new friends in this new season of life.

You’ve become an even deeper friend, lover (yeah!), and embody every sense of the word ‘man’, and I love you for it! You’re my favourite person to do anything and everything with.

Happy one-year anniversary baby! xo



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