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August 27, 2015

My sister-in-law recently gave me the book by Jennie Allen called “Anything”, and it’s really brought conviction and thought. Thus, it inspired this poem. 🙂 Happy thursday everyone!



In the middle of the night she awoke in the dark. A small light shining through.
A voice beckoned to her, come out into the woods. Deep called to deep.
She grabbed a light sweater, running shoes on, and into the forest she flew.
Tired and weary, the midnight moon lulled her to sleep.

She lay against an elm, shivering. When out of the night the voice called.
Dear tired one. Keep moving forward, do not stop. You must rise, awake.
She knew of Him, had followed His voice thus far. But then, stop. A wall.
Not insurmountable, but a turn was taking place. It was a self-quake.

The things she thought she knew, truths, were heading somewhere south.
From seeing to knowing, she knew there must be more. But wait. Sacrifice?
Nudging her to the forest, into something deeper. Speak from the mouth.
I have your hand, I am with you. This is the only way to life. 

But dear Master, I am not ready. To say and do the things I must.
Yet, like a magnet of great force, You draw me, and I cannot turn away.
I will prepare. Provide. This journey is not for understanding, but of trust.
Deeper in you must go. Until you forget, what it was like to be afraid. 

See with each step you take, you will know My heart much better.
For when one of you is set free in the forest, it will lead others deeper. Free.
I never called you to live hindered, locked in your bedroom tight. But unfettered.
Free to follow my voice, even through the unknowns. Until You really know Me. 

I will choose You, I will. But the heart wants so many things, and it gets in my way.
I choose the good I’ve chosen, only to realize it wasn’t best. You don’t compare.
Please help me to say “anything”! To know You deeper still. Be brave.
This depth is my home, no turning back. New life before me, a trust dare.

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