Missing out on grace

September 2, 2015


3c2e351a045e6baaf579a04a43060b8dI’ve been on a journey the past few years of praying that God would reveal His heart, His character, Who He really is to me… in a much deeper way. It seems that when you pray that prayer, the Lord will reveal things in your heart that are in the way, so that He can be seen so much clearer. A process 😉

You see. I don’t think I truly ever understood grace, because in order to understand the astounding grace we’ve been given, we must see the sin in our hearts. Otherwise, we take grace for granted. Once we see the sin in our lives (which is actually a gift by the way), we must have a deep understanding of the gospel and how the Lord continually redeems us, so that we don’t just stay there – looking at the ugliness of our own hearts. I had never truuuuuly understood and walked in repentance and forgiveness in my own life, so that I could actually experience grace. Honestly, I lived as though I didn’t have a lot of sin to deal with; a good girl. I walked in guilt if I did see sin in my life, rather than grace and freedom to walk out of it.

If you want to learn more about grace, a study of Romans may be a good idea (And is now something on my ‘next’ list!). According to that book alone, grace is:

*obtained by faith – Romans 5:2
*brings obedience – Romans 1:5
*is a gift – Romans 3:24
*our justification in Christ is by grace – Romans 3:24
*when grace reigns through righteousness, it leads to eternal life in Jesus – Romans 5:21
*His promise rests on grace – Romans 4:16
*we access grace, by faith in Jesus – Romans 5:2
*grace is meant to help us reign in life, in Jesus – Romans 5:17
*not based on works – Romans 11:6
*grace enables our gifts – Romans 12:6
*gives us boldness – Romans 15:15

See how much we miss out on when we try to do things on our own, without leaning on grace? And how do we lean on grace, if we don’t KNOW the One who gives it so freely?

In the spring, I started reading Psalms again, and was prompted by some teaching on prayer by Timothy Keller, to really meditate on God’s character, through the Psalms.

I began writing down characteristics of God, when something stood out to me, and find myself going back to it to meditate on it. Worship with it. Pray it. And let a lifetime of things in my head, dig its roots deep into my heart.

I want to share my list of Psalms with you, as it may be something you need as well, to dig deeper into the heart of our Father. Watch for tomorrow’s post on a list from Psalms that I hope inspires you to dig into the Father’s heart just a little deeper…


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