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A new adventure begins… we’re having a BABY!

September 15, 2015

Many of you will have already seen our post on Facebook (which, by the way, we were blown away with the love and support!)…

But I had to announce here, on this little virtual creative space of mine where I share the joys and the growths of life… that we are having a baby, and due March 20, 2016! Seeing that little one kick and turn on the ultrasound was such a surreal and beautiful moment… I could’ve stared all day!

Baby Lupul

This puts me at 13 weeks, so just into the second trimester. My mid-section is thickening and I’m starting to get past the nauseous stage, thank goodness! End of October we will find out if it’s a boy or girl… we just want to know and not call it ‘it’ anymore! I’m such a planner, and I figure the more I can be prepared before baby arrives the better. I’ve started a Pinterest board for nursery ideas, and our end table in the living room is several books high of “The Baby Whisperer” and “What to Expect when Expecting” kind of books that I’ve borrowed. With so many family and friend who’ve already had kids, I feel like I can glean so much from others!

We are ever so grateful for this little one, and would love it if you would pray for us and baby over the coming months!


Lani & Troy

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