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Thursday Thought: As though someone’s life depended on it

October 15, 2015

My belly has definitely popped in the last week or two, and next week we find out if baby is a boy or girl! I have my ‘feeling’ what it is, so I’m eager to just know already!

Yesterday Troy and I were talking, and I said how it’s amazing how you look at things differently when someone else’s life depends on your choices. To have baby depending on me for good food, exercise, rest… completely changes the way I look at my disciplines.

But what if all areas of life and discipline were viewed as though ‘someone’s life depended on it’?

I can tell you right now that I’m more disciplined with exercise since being pregnant, I am more mindful of what I eat and drink, and how I sleep (hello fellow tummy sleepers!?). All to give baby the best start they can have in life.

But what if my time with God, my disciplines in writing, my investments in friendship, the way I spend money … what if all of that were as if someone else’s very life depended on it? What if the depth of relationship I have with the Lord would truly impact other people if I spent more time knowing Him and being in His presence? What if the words I penned, or haven’t penned, were meant to alter the course of someone’s life? And so forth.

I know I’d be way more consistent, thoughtful, and intentional. I’m so not there, let’s just put it that way; I wish I was.

But now being 17 weeks pregnant and watching my body change, someone’s life DOES depend on my choices.

Just a little Thursday thought – what disciplines would change in your life if someone else’s life depended on it?

*The picture below was last week… see that little bambino growing?! Yes, yes, a tight dress helps. Can’t help it – I want to show the bump off now!

16 weeks pregnant, taken in Georgia, US at Pursuit Conference

16 weeks pregnant, taken in Georgia, US at Pursuit Conference

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