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$100 decor update

October 28, 2015

Recently, a friend of mine texted asking if I would decorate her built-ins in her livingroom. She has two boys under 3, and was looking for something to spice up the space, but still be functional.

Shop for someone else’s home on someone else’s dime? Heck yes! 🙂  Her built-ins are tricky, as the top shelf is super tall. Working with the vases and some frames she had, I opted to find ways to add some warmth, texture and more color. I could tell she liked red, so I chose a secondary color in turquoise.



I found pretty much everything at Homesense:
*wooden frame (I filled it with a red door photo of my own that I had at home that I took while travelling)
*globe (her husband does international justice work so it seemed appropriate!)
*two dish clothes in red stripe with tassels
*turquoise candle
*turquoise pear figurine
*floral for smaller vase on right
*pussy willows (free, I had lots at home)
*turquoise picture frame
*some green berries for the second shelf to add some nature
*and she found some hard cover books at home that we added in
*we left the baskets in the bottom, as they have the boys books in them!

All for $92 🙂

IMG_1544 IMG_1545

They have since hung one of the 8×10 gold frames on either side (within the built-in) and filled them with new black & white photos. My suggestion was, in the long run, to find something like a wooden shutter in a fun pop of color that could lean against the top shelf wall, to fill in all of that space. And my husband, Troy, suggested building a closing screen/shutter for the TV as well.

Amazing what you can do with what you have, $100, and just a little bit of creativity!

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