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Musings from a first-time preggers

November 6, 2015

This message has been brought to you at 2am with a bowl of cereal.

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Awakened by my bladder and my constant rolling back and forth, I get up to pee, adjust the pillows, and crawl back in. So, for real. No stomach OR back sleeping? I lie awake, beginning to think of all the ways life and my body has already changed, and we’re only half way there! As I lie awake in the dark, it’s beginning to feel like a Peter Pan and Tinker Bell world-tour in my stomach. Although, it could just be gas. I lift my leg. No, not to stretch, but to see how high I have to go before my foot hides the shining green light of the security feature on the wall. Hmphf. I get up to muse instead…

…Panting, crying, and flushed. I made it to my gate at the airport with minutes to spare. Telephone my husband. It’s ok though, I have a pack of Starbursts.

Man, those 12 stairs left me winded!

Soooo, you’re saying that squats and kiegels will helps make this not hurt so much in the end?

…I could watch that ultrasound screen for hours.

…Doctor to me: Did you realize you have this lump in your stomach on the left side?
Me: Ummm, I think it’s just my bladder. It does that when I lie down.

I don’t know why I’m crying! Again.

Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t know today when I woke up it would be the day of my first pap smear.

Yes, going to the grocery store for JUST pumpkin pie is totally justifiable.

…I’ve never felt more womanly than now, when I finally have curves.

…Me to Troy, when we first found out I was pregnant…”You’ll still find me attractive, right?”

Honey, can you take these pants off?

…I’m tired.

…I’m hungry.

Oh yes, our baby will wear hats!

I’ve waited nearly 35 years to be pregnant, and yes I’m only 16 weeks, but I am sticking this baby out!

…First time someone asked, “When is your baby due?” was last night. And I momentarily hesitated, thinking, “She can tell?” I should’ve just said, “What baby?” Man, I always think of a witty response too late!

…How can someone NOT believe we have an amazing Creator after being pregnant?!

Oh, I’ve only puked once this week, that’s not too bad! As I reach for the crackers and nuts.

…A name?! What a responsibility. It’s not like an animal, where you can say, “Come here boy!” or “Hey fluffy!” It’s the name we will beckon and identify our child with for the rest of their life. No pressure.

Yes, let’s take another picture of my belly.

…I’m pret-ty sure that pinching in my butt is from pregnancy.

Second breakfast is a real thing people.

…Hmmm, I think that chin hair is growing quicker.

I should probably go pee before we go.

Ok, so before baby arrives, let’s do this, figure out this, hang this, buy this…

It’s all worth it. So worth it.

And the constant dreaming of what our family will look like, how our home will grow over the years, and who will be a part of it… More to come, I am sure.



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