Real Life

Distracted by you

January 20, 2016


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Little one, I hope you know, that you are a treasure.

You came into our life, with hope beyond measure.

And the Lord blessed our prayer,

For we all wanted you to be here.


Now here you are, growing inside of me.

Every time I sit and ponder, it’s more of you I see.

Rolling like a waterbed across my growing tummy.

You dance inside, reminding me, I am soon to be a mommy.


Though I toss and turn at night,

It will only get worse, they say, as I hold my stomach tight.

I know that God has gifted you to us,

To help you become all you were meant to be. A trust.


Though it’ll be a transition for all, of that I am sure.

I choose to believe for joy and peace amongst the newborn blur.

Because this newbie mamma is letting go as we speak.

To someday show you that strength unbridled is not for the weak.


So this, my girl, I promise you, just two months before we are to meet.

That I will aim for grace, not perfection, and stand upon His feet.

To search for Jesus in every midnight feed and smile we share.

So that you, my girl, will always know how much we care.


Soon we will see you, as they lay you on my chest.

The long awaited glimpse, of who you resemble best.

With love we will welcome you, into your new home.

And cherish every moment as we watch you become.


For every dance, every song, and every sunrise yet to see together.

Will be a reminder that life with Him is always so much better.

Be brave little one, dream big and sparkle with all you’ve got.

Distracted we may be by you, we sure love you a whole lot!

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