From the book, After I Do: The spiritual side of finances

March 4, 2016

Thank you to everyone who has already purchased my book! Blush and gush, thanks!

What some readers of After I Do are saying:

“This book helped me see that I wasn’t the only girl who had a hard time trusting God with my love life! I love how open she is with everything, as it gave me great perspective into what a real God-centred marriage is like.”

“After I Do is like a well-needed coffee date with a dear and honest friend! It provides insight and leaves the reader with anticipation for their own future.”


I wanted to share a little snippet from the book, to give you an idea of what’s inside 😉 This chapter comes from the finance chapter, “Money, money, money”. Details are below the post on how you can get your own copy today!

… The spiritual side of finances…

il_fullxfull.568675528_dpy8Have you ever walked around your house, looked in your closet, or sat online and actually listened to your heart play a song of “I wish I had this…”, “Why doesn’t mine look like that?” Or my personal favourite, “Now that we have this, I also want…” If I stop and listen, my heart plays that frequent off-key tune.

My desire for instant gratification actually steals my peace in the moment and the joy of what good gifts God has already given me. In my striving for more, be it a $30 item for home or something I think we need, as soon as I know what I want, I think about it. A lot. And it steals my present peace.

In fact just this morning, I sat down and opened my Bible to Psalms 105. This revelation had nothing to do with what I was reading, but I felt the Holy Spirit shine light on the anxiousness in my heart that I often feel about having all the answers now, in any area of life. It actually creates short-term vision and steals my present joy.

We are transitioning yet again in Troy’s work, and with a baby on the way, I have battled fear and worry.

But God, so graciously, pointed out this morning that there is something deeper in my heart that wants everything just right, just so, now. Like the Israelites, I am trying to get my manna for tomorrow, today. But faith doesn’t work that way; it requires trust.

I shared this with Troy as we had our morning coffee and it came as no surprise to him. Ah the openness we share! I realized there’s tangible evidence in how I operate around the home or in our finances of deeper issues in my heart. Oh instant gratification, you have met your match and seen the light.

A friend recently prayed for me in this transition and said that God is often working on the small things in our heart, in the seemingly big things of life. Because of the deeper understanding God has been doing in my heart regarding sanctification and the complete work of the gospel, I know that only God can change my heart; that His grace is sufficient for me in this weakness. Wholeness in that area of my life can only come by Him showing me His Father love and healing whatever it is in me that makes me want to know and have everything in order, today.

You see, finances can be very spiritual, and even show us deeper things going on in our hearts. Step-by-step on the journey, if we let the Lord in, I so believe He will graciously show us the sin in our hearts, heal us when we repent, and bring wholeness.

And in the meantime, I have a husband to partner with…


Thanks for reading!

To get your own copy of After I Do, you can get your print or ebook copy here, or download to your Kindle here.



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