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“I want ice cream, stat” says this #foodforskinmamma

August 13, 2016

Good Saturday morning all! Before my world awakes, I wanted to share a quick update of things I’m noticing on my #foodforskinmamma journey.

  • I really want a bowl of ice cream. Like, now. I said to Troy last night, “Those oreos would taste sooooo good in that ice cream!” As kids, we used to crush the cookie part of the oreo into vanilla ice cream and make our own blizzards. Seriously having sugar cravings the past few days, especially for ice cream. The other night I quickly made these no-bake fudge cookies (without the coconut flakes as I didn’t have any on hand) and they have satisfied my sweet tooth the last couple of nights! I also made this yummy beet salad with supper. I recently started liking beets, and my husband says that if you close your eyes, they actually taste like corn on the cob! True, true. My spinach froze in the fridge, so I used green beans instead. Here’s the recipe for that.
  • The other thing I am noticing is I actually feel more full. Which is a rarity, since I am breastfeeding. I usually feel like I am always hungry. I know that’s normal, since I burn as many calories as a 2km hike every day (I read this somewhere at some point). But I wake up more full and go to bed more full! I guess if I’m not stuffing myself with empty carbs and filling myself with more nutrient-dense snacks and food, it must be filling me up more!
  • My skin still feels tight and a little dry, but I don’t think I’ve had any new breakouts in the past few days! Hurray!

Even if it is just hormones of breastfeeding (which the majority of my skin issues are hormonal I believe), cutting out sugar/dairy and wheat will never hurt. I am still eating sprouted grain bread and cooked oats for breakfast (fill you up and good for nursing mamma!). At the end of the month, at least I may be closer to targeting what causes my skin issues to spike!

Thank you for reading my little indulges of sharing to whomever listens on the other side of this screen. May you steer your life well, run to Jesus in all things, and love this Saturday in whatever it brings you!

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