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I totally cheated … and made a mealy cake

August 23, 2016

Almost three weeks in to my #foodforskinmamma no sugar/dairy/wheat journey … and I totally cheated this past weekend. Good multigrain bread was had, an ice cream treat was had (we were out)… I share this with you because I’d hate for you to think I did this seamlessly! Since I am breastfeeding, I find I need the carbs from grains, so I’ve done my best to do gluten-free (found some great crackers!) or sprouted grain bread. I think my main concern or test has been over sugar and dairy anyway.

To date, no real difference noticed, in fact I think it’s gotten worse! My skin is dry, and I know I need something better topically, but I hesitated to change up things too much externally, as I won’t know what internal changes made a difference! I know that my water consumption could also be increased.

My folks stayed over a couple nights last week, and I tried two new dessert recipes. Apparently I can’t visit and bake at the same time! Oh multitasking; we have an ongoing complicated relationship don’t we? My Mom was snuggling Elizabeth, and I was trying to get this chocolate cake in the oven. Well, I read the first ingredient (water) as the flour portions, and didn’t realize until I was half way into the recipe. I tried to go back and increase the portions of everything else, but was left with a rather ‘meal-y’ tasting cake! Coconut flour is very tricky to begin with, I find. I took my parents to a pioneer fair, thus the cheeky blog photo today 😉

This no-bake brownie bar is delicious! It tastes something like an Eatmore bar and was super easy to make; best kept in the fridge! I halved the recipe as I only had so many dates, and it made about 8 small squares, enough to satisfy a sweet tooth! We went for a picnic down by a river with some friends and those brownies definitely came along!

Here are a few recipes I am excited to try this week:

*Buckwheat bread (despite its name, buckwheat is not in the wheat family and is high in fibre and nutrients!). I made this bread yesterday and it didn’t look like I thought it would. And I’m still undecided on the taste of buckwheat. Maybe with honey…

*Banana cream pie chia pudding

*Something to do with barley, as I have some in the pantry and am curious to cook with it!

*I plan to ‘juice’ more this week, using anti-inflammatory foods

*Bone broth – I am on the hunt for this at our local organic food store, or will order from Amazon.

On with the #foodforskinmamma journey…

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