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August 29, 2016

So, I quit this weekend. The #foodforskinmamma journey I mean.

For several reasons such as: I wasn’t seeing any difference in my skin after 2.5 weeks, I was finding myself low on energy without whole grains, and since I am nursing, there are multiple changes in my hormones anyway. I found that all my spare time was used on looking up recipes, suggestions, tips… and I was just done with it. I want to enjoy this new mamma stage as much as I can, even with the things that can be frustrating. I can’t change and make it all better, and I need to be okay with that.

I’m happy I tried and got beyond the point of sugar-free crankiness (oh, on about day 3!)… and tried amidst the business of a new life to take care of myself.

I love food, and will continue to eat healthy like I normally do. I also realized I’m no food blogger – it just doesn’t get me excited!

So for the many reasons stated, I am back to just enjoying food and making smart choices, and just asking God to show me if there’s things I need to change that will help my health/skin overall.

But before I go and end the #foodforskinmamma journey, here are a couple more recipes I came across from other bloggers that I tried and really enjoyed!

*Gut healing cinnamon coconut latte ( I am TOTALLY going to do this one more often! After this journey, my blender may just remain a permanent counter-top appliance!)

*Honey lemon glazed chicken and baked barley (I did it with chicken breasts. Very yummy!)

*Buckwheat pancakes (the maple syrup I drizzled on them softened the buckwheat flavor!)


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