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Shop your home: Dining buffet update

March 21, 2017

There’s this sweet little secret I have seen in the design world called “shop your home”, where for those who want, or need, to be budget-friendly, you are encouraged to scour your own closets and walls to update your home when the urge arises. Rather than buying something new every time you want a fresh look, you rearrange what you already have.

As a new mom of a little one who is now on the move, with toys scattering the floor from sun-up to sun-down, I find if I can have little pockets of pretty here and there that she can’t touch, it makes me happy!

The plant on our dining room buffet was dried to a crisp, a Christmas plant, so when I threw it out, I decided to update the whole buffet look. It had been the same for about two years, so it was time! Here is what it looked like before (minus the flourishing plant! Oh how I loved that plant 🙁 )

I still really liked it, but I didn’t have a new plant to replace the old, and new decor just isn’t a priority right now. So, one night after Elizabeth had gone to bed, I pulled everything off and roamed our rooms, looking for something new. I am trying to keep photos of us to a minimal right now, as we want to sell our house, but I had to indulge with a couple!

Here is the new look…

The lamp was in our downstairs livingroom, which we never use, so up it came. It adds such nice warmth to the room at night. The large antique gold frame is from the farm I grew up on, and had a photo of a long-lost relative. So out she came. I love the layered look! I have been collecting old books over the years – some of grandparents’ and some from garage sales. The herbs on the corbels are becoming parsley, and it makes me so happy to see something growing! Those corbels we got for a steal at a local street market a couple years ago. The photo of Troy and I was one week before our wedding, standing in Starbucks with my soon to be sibling-in-laws, and it’s one of my favourites of us. And of course, our little Elizabeth, 5-days-old.

If you were to walk around our home, you would see these colors throughout that are shown on the buffet: navy blue, gold, black, green, and creams.

I also added a leaf to our table because it feels more grand (even though it takes up a bit more space) and we could use the “office space” right now 😉 AND I like to think it encourages me to have people over more often!

Some effective ways you can shop your home:

  1. Use books as part of your decor, using cover colour schemes as a theme.
  2. Use fake and real greenery wherever you can, based on your natural light.
  3. Rearrange your photos or insert new ones for a quick update
  4. Buy some fresh flowers (tulips are cheap right now!)
  5. Add warmth with a lamp or candle.
  6. Mirrors add great layer and texture and help bring in shape and light to small spaces.
  7. Look for things that are different texture and sizes and mix and match in different spots.
  8. Pick anything that makes YOU smile!

Having beauty in the home doesn’t have to be a matter of finances – but a matter of collecting things that tell your story and things that you love. Itching for something new? Shop your home! You might be surprised what you find 🙂

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