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Happy first birthday to our girl, Elizabeth Grace

March 23, 2017

Ok, so people were right – it flies by! So much change, so much joy, so much LEARNING and letting go! I wrote this little poem as an ode to our girl as we celebrate all that she is and all she’s becoming…

A girl who was curious from the beginning, pledged to God is what your name means.

Our hearts wept with joy when your lungs cried out, “you’re safe now,” I whispered in your ear.

We’ve had our parenting moments, of bliss and frustration.

No one can prepare you for the journey, they were right.

And we wouldn’t change any of it.

We watch you as you grow, personality coming alive.

Your Lizzie-isms make us laugh, you’re such a treasure.

This year has flown by, now here to embrace the girl you’re becoming.

But time, could you slow down, just a bit?

Know that Daddy and I are here, always, when you need a hand or hug.

I pray you love Jesus, have rich friendships, and a heart that is brave and tender.

I pray that you know great love, joy and peace… and a handsome prince… some day 😉

You are loved, wanted, and treasured, our Elizabeth Grace.

Love, Mommy xo





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