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My 10 favourite Amazon purchases for 9-12 month olds

April 21, 2017

I don’t know about anyone else, but being pregnant and becoming a mom has made Amazon my best friend! I love the fast shipping of most items. I joined Prime (at first by accident, but its easily paid for itself!) which means you get quicker and free shipping on most items. There have been a few lifesaver items that I’ve loved for Elizabeth, so I thought for this Friday I would share a few of my favourites!
*I am an Amazon Associate, so if you choose to purchase any of these products, I will get a kick-back. So thanks!

Melissa & Doug 20 Wooden Animal Magnets in a Box – $12.99
I glued some felt from the dollar store on to some magnets I had at home. These magnets sufficed for a while, occupying Elizabeth from time to time as she passed the fridge or dishwasher. But these ones that I actually have spent money on have been stellar! The whole back is magnetic and aside for maybe a couple animals, they are all large enough for her to play with (not a choking hazard).

Reusable Food Pouch – $15.99
The ones I bought (Nature’s Little Squeeze) are no longer available (I wonder why?). I bought them because I was trying to find something in which I could stick smoothies and on the go snacks in for E, other than puffs! She loves smoothies, and it’s been the easiest way to get some greens like spinach or kale into her! They are super difficult to clean, and require a rinse, dishwasher and shaking hot water throughout. Here are some similar to the ones I bought, that look like they have great reviews. Good luck! 😉

Stuffed Girl Bunny Rabbit Doll – $18.99 
You can see how unenthused Elizabeth was with this gift at Christmas! She has started to like it more and more, inspecting her eyes and parts. How cute is it?! I leave this in her crib… her lil dollie! I just thought it was such an adorable little ‘baby doll’, and friends have even asked me where I got it.

Learning Resources Rainbow Bean Bags (6-Piece) – $18.20
So, I did not spend this amount on these bean bags (I think it was more like $7!), so that goes to show you how prices fluctuate. These have held together well. Elizabeth isn’t quite at the stage of throwing things into a bucket, but they’ve been a great toy for colors, texture, and showing her how to throw things into a bucket (I use an old formula container!)

Rhinestone floral headband – $2.17
This super cute headband is what Elizabeth wore for her birthday party, and I love it. She actually left it on!

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker – $34.97
This walker has been a delight for her! And us! Around Christmas-time Elizabeth wanted to stand more and was almost crawling/scootching. This has been a great toy to help her mobility and independence. The rear wheels lock, so I always have that locked, as it’d fall out from beneath her otherwise with how fast she goes! Would definitely have this again for next baby!

Munchkin Extending Metal Safety-Gate – $49.99

We have black iron railings with our maple railing that goes to downstairs, and knowing we were going to be listing our house in the near future, we wanted something that looked nice but was functional. Troy even made an attachment for the railing so we didn’t have to drill a hole into our pretty maple! It’s a super easy to use and pretty baby gate!

Tom’s Flouride Free Toothpaste – $4.97
This was the best price on flouride-free children’s toothpaste that I found, and with Prime free shipping, it was a no-brainer for me! Elizabeth loves it 😉

Bright Starts Little Taggie – $8.99
Elizabeth loved anything with a tag from early on. I found this mini tag blanket on Amazon, though it doesn’t let you choose which color/design. I leave it with her car seat for now, and it’s been great for teething and like a comfort blankie too!

Happy Birthday Sign in Pink – $10.99
I’m just not a fan of super colourful party supplies, so when I found this one on Amazon that was the perfect pink and gold, I was sold! It’s made of thick cardboard, so it can be used multiple times, with plenty of ribbon. It’s already being lent to a friend for her daughter’s party!

If you have a little one this age, or need to buy a gift, I would recommend any of these! Happy shopping, and happy weekend 🙂

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