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The essentials I started with and how I use them

May 5, 2017

For those of you new to the blog, hello! This is a new ‘category’, where I am sharing about our journey with essentials oils, specifically doTERRA. At the time, I chose doTERRA because some friends had used them and were raving about them. It was accessible. Now, just over a year in, I would choose them again in a heartbeat.

Two things I love the most about them is that they are grown and harvested in their indigenous countries. A plant will naturally thrive in the climate, soil, and geographical location it was originally created to flourish in. You can recreate habitats, but the potency and purity just wouldn’t be quite the same. For example, lavender is grown and harvested in France and Bulgaria and Frankinsence from Somalia. doTERRA also works with farmers around the world (in 40 countries!) through the Global Botanical Network and has a philanthropic element called the Healing Hands Foundation. You can read more about both of those here for the ethics side of doTERRA. These things make me a firm supporter!

So, rewind to when I was about to have a baby, and wanted to try some oils. I started with the Family Essentials Kit (an enrollment kit, which pays for your annual membership) which comes with 10 essential oils and blends. I also ordered a diffuser and purchased Clary Calm (great for hormones and cramps after baby!). You save 25% as a member with wholesale vs retail price, and I was pretty certain it wouldn’t be my only purchase!

Here is a list of the oils you get in this kit, and how I have used them in the past year:

– sleepy time rollerball (10ml) for Elizabeth with a couple drops and topped with fractionated coconut oil
– a couple drops in E’s bath
– rollerball for Mamma! (I’d put 5-10 drops in a full 10ml bottle for adults) before bed or when feeling anxious
-diffusing for relaxation
-mixed in with my skincare regime in a rollerball for spot treatment or moisturizing (I like frankincense or tea tree also for skin)

– a drop in my water bottle to aid in digestion and to balance my pH levels (you could also add this to warm water for lemon tea)
-3 drops in my all-purpose spray bottle that has 1 part vinegar and 1 part water
– diffusing for energy or to remove odours after I have burnt something!

-a couple drops in my homemade toothpaste, along with clove oil (In a small jar, I mix 2 parts coconut oil and 1 part baking soda with about 10 drops of peppermint and clove oil). This toothpaste has TOTALLY whitened my teeth!
-diffusing for alertness
-sore muscles
-headache application (I don’t find it removes tough headaches, but does provide relief)

*On Guard
-drops in to all-purpose cleaner
-I would ingest this when I felt a cold coming on, as it’s an immunity builder
-great for diffusing to get rid of odours as well

-rollerball application for gassy tummy for E (just 2 drops in a 10ml bottle)
-apply directly or in a rollerball for adults for indigestion (it has fennel in it, which smells like licorice, which I LOVE!)

-I have added this to my skincare regime or directly as a spot treatment on zits
-can be used as a cleaner as well
-apply to cuts to help heal

-one drop in cooking is extremely powerful!
-I have a rollerball that I apply to my feet when I feel a cold coming on
-gargle this if I have a sore throat
-this is also cleansing, so can be used in all-purpose cleaners
-I didn’t use this when pregnant, because it is not recommended

-I have used this in a rollerball or with my skin care regime for moisturizing and to help with my acne scarring
-great for diffusing to encourage relaxation or calm
-this is good for cellular health, so I have often taken one drop on my thumb and held it to the roof of my mouth. The internal benefits of frankinsence and the research done is amazing!

*Deep Blue
-this one I have used on sore muscles, but find I like peppermint or even rosemary more for that. I do know people (athletes) who have found great relief with this, however.

-added to E’s humidifier
-apply to chest when I had a cold

You see, the uses are endless! I received a list of 150 uses for this kit, and it’s mind boggling the ways you can use these oils. Again, if you would like to know more, please email me at or contact me through my business website here.



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