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Creative play in small spaces for a 1-year-old

May 10, 2017

I have wracked my brain thinking of how to make play fun for Elizabeth. First child-first mamma situation? I think so 😉  But through the long Alberta winter we had, I was desperate to add some variety to playtime on long days at home!

Our upstairs is two bedrooms, and hers is technically a den, though it has a closet. It’s the brightest room in the house with lovely built-in shelves that Troy installed before we got pregnant, when the room was our office. That being said, once you squeeze a crib, change table, and a rocking chair in there, there’s not much more room! Instead of getting frustrated (which I did for a bit, near tears, wanting to give our girl a lovely playroom and all!)… I decided to work with what we have, for as long as we live in this house. 

Funny enough, one day, about two months ago, Elizabeth scootched behind her rocking chair and started pulling her little Disney books off the nightstand. She stayed there for almost 20 minutes as I hid in the distance, listening to her talk and grow up before my very eyes! *cue heart tears* That made it clear to me – that spot was a perfect “quiet space” for her!

I grabbed this sheepskin rug we got from IKEA that was in another room and put it on the floor behind the chair. I put some other little books and dolls on the bottom shelf, and moved pillows around from the window seat. And ta-da…quiet area that she visits daily! She mostly pulls books off the shelf and talks to herself, but it’s made her room more “play friendly” and that makes me happy!

Then about a month ago (when she turned ONE!), I brought up an old shelf I had downstairs and put it in her closet with some books and baskets of toys. I put her laundry basket in another corner of the room and made another cozy spot of blankets and pillows in the corner of her closet. I guess I like to envision her sitting there, reading and playing make-believe like I did as a little girl! She goes back and forth between her closet to her corner (using her crib and chair as a grounding!), and suddenly has two new play spots in her room! Nothing more was spent to make her room cozier, I just used what we had.

It made me realize how when you have to be, you can be more resourceful than you think! It just takes some creativity 😉  Play areas that make both mamma and babe happy = win win!


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