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Thrift like a boss: how I spent $50 on an updated mamma-drobe

May 17, 2017

Being a one-income family, it wasn’t doable to have a transition wardrobe after having my first baby, a little over a year ago. Does that even exist?! During pregnancy, I had worn a lot of things that weren’t maternity. Once our darling girl showed up and the months passed by, I was aching for something “new to me”.

Thrifting is a term for finding second-hand deals. In the last year, I have found so many good deals for myself and Elizabeth (I find it harder to thrift for Troy!), from sweaters to jackets. There are some staples like shoes and jackets that I am willing and wanting to spend good money on, but smaller items like a plaid shirt, top or sweater, I love to thrift. It gets Elizabeth and I out of the house and gives me a shopping-fix for little cost! Over the years, I have had many people tell me I shop well, so I wanted to share with you some tips and show you what I spent just $50 on in the last year while thrifting.

My tips on how I thrift like a boss:

  • Know when the monthly sale happens (our local goodwill does a 50% off sale the first Thursday of the month on pretty much everything)
  • Shop often. Get the pick of the patch!
  • When you know the brands you like or that fit your family, and the price you’d normally spend for new, it’ll help you decide on yes or no on an item. Ex. An $8 H&M item at the thrift shop likely isn’t worth it, as many basics at H&M are that price new. BUT, if you can find a more elaborate H&M piece for $8 that is normally $40, then you’ve got a deal!
  • Check for holes, stains, or loose threads.
  • If you live in a big city, shop in thrift stores in the high-end regions to get “better” options
  • I find local thrift stores have better prices than stores like Value Village or Goodwill, though I like to thrift there too as they have more variety!
  • As a new mom, I was looking for things that could double as “going to get groceries” and “looking good while hanging out at home” OR “going on a date” or “going to church” kinds of things.

Here’s a breakdown of the photo above:

  1. Khaki trench coat – $8
  2. Grey sweater dress – $5
  3. Rose stretchy skinnies – $12
  4. Denim tank – $3
  5. Floral strapless top – $2
  6. Oversized cardigan sweater – $5
  7. Plaid shirt dress – $5
  8. Leapoard print cardigan x2 – $5each x 2 = $10

= $50 well spent!

Don’t worry, I did buy new things in the past year as well – they were also very much needed! But when you want a quick fix and the budget is tight, don’t overlook thrifting deals!

Happy thrifting!


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