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Easy Summer Tips Featuring Skin-Safe Make Up

June 26, 2017

As I get older, there are certain things I am willing to spend more on – foundation being one of them. With my finicky skin, I’ve tried everything from drugstore products to Clinique, MAC, Jane Iredale, BareMinerals, and Tarte.

My sister-in-law, Jocelyn, kind of has a reputation for being a make-up guru among our family and even with her friends. So when I heard she started using Beauty Counter,  a safe skin care line that provides chemical-free make-up options, my interest was peaked. In my attempts over the past 2-3 years to eliminate chemicals from our home, I have also experimented with my skin regime, but I hadn’t dived into changing up my make-up yet.

For summer, I wanted something light, with just enough coverage to make me feel comfortable, but not enough to hide that nice summer glow. Jocelyn recommended the Beauty Counter skin hydrating foundation and a color that would suit me. I’ve been using it for about a month and love it. Perfectly natural for summer, and about the same price point I’ve paid for different products at Sephora.

So, on that note, I asked Jocelyn to give you all some tips on the best make-up for summer, and which Beauty Counter products are quick and easy go-to’s! If you want to contact Jocelyn to learn more, you can email her at, or shop directly here. Thank you to my lovely sis for doing this video, and to iEvolve Photo for the beautiful filmwork and editing!


Again, if you want to shop Beauty Counter, please click here. Happy summer everyone!


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