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Elizabeth: Our 16-month-old girl

July 26, 2017

How is she already 16-months-old? People said, “You will love every stage.” And it’s so true. I have found there were great challenges and great gifts at each stage – from newborn, to eating, to beginning to move, and now to toddler and becoming a little girl. Though secretly, I am loving this stage of discovery, personality and connecting with my daughter in a whole deeper way!

So what is our little one up to now?

Elizabeth has been walking for almost two months, and I find her twirling, raising her hands, dropping to the floor in protest if I take something away, or scurrying up to the TV when I turn the Wiggles on (her favourite!).

She is super social – waving and smiling at everyone when we go out.  I mean everyone! She especially loves kids. Though I do find she still loves to retreat to her book corner in her room at times. Maybe she’ll be an extrovert who also loves quiet time 😉

She is a champion eater, and learning to use the spoon more and more.

She will sign for bottle/milk/drink (all the same sign now! LOL), all done, eat, more, please, and her sign for help looks a lot like “more”, but I know what she means!  She says mama, dada, Pa (Pippa, our dog), but other words are less distinguishable. She’ll say “dah” for up with her arms raised, and na na na for “no” (with arms flailing). I know she understands WAY more than she can say back, so I keep talking and teaching 😉

She is a blankie girl and loves trying on shoes – all day long. She also loves blocks/duplo and stickers right now. When we go to the park, it’s like, “See ya Mom!” She is off exploring, hardly looking for me at all. Sob. She knows I’m right there I guess!

She hates sitting in the tub the past few months, so bathtime is quick. When Troy gets home at the end of the day she lights up, and savours her tickle and chase time with Daddy before bed. It’s the sweetest thing really!

We sneak into her room every night before we go to bed, and marvel at the gift God has given us. Who will she become? I pray nightly that her heart would be tender towards the gospel, that her relationships will be reach, and that her life will be full of peace and joy.

Being a mom is the hardest job I’ve ever had, but the rewards are many and sweet and I wouldn’t change any of it! Happy 16 months sweet girl!

Here are some photos – do you think I could get her to sit still? Noooooo…. I put on a vintage shirt I bought before she was born along with her birthday headband. Then followed her around our house, snapping. I think the photos capture her many smiles and sweet cheeky personality!

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