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How sweet it is to love you

August 2, 2017

It was a home day. After many days on the go, even after holidays, I’d say we needed it. 

Your mamma felt exhausted as soon as she woke up. Making a baby perhaps? 😉 A shower helped. Thank you Daddy for that extra time. The clouds loomed, letting some drops from heaven rain down. There goes our morning walk. 

You ask for Wiggles now. Not in words – but you shake your hips and sometimes get the remote. Oh dear, what have we done? At least it’s music – which you seem to love. So mamma grabbed your favourite pink blankie and we crawled up on the sofa. You lean forward most of the time – in anticipation. I try to gently push you back, into me, but you like to lean into life, my girl. 

So after attempting colouring, running back and forth to your room to get things, and making smoothies, we made it to late morning and the sun came out and we were able to squeeze that walk in. You quietly sit. Enjoying it all. 

You know more than you can speak – I say go get your shoes, and you do! You know outside and go for a walk. You know downstairs and up. 

But the sweetest of all, little Miss Toddler? If you scream or do something I’ve told you not to, after a firm scolding from mamma, you then gently put your hand on my arm and sweetly say, “Mamma”. Well, there you did it. You melted me again! Honestly – there’s nothing like it. 

You were exploratory at lunch – such a champ. And after over a 3-hour nap (you not me), we both felt rested. 

Daddy came home early, and you get goofy and act like you want to play. And so he does. As I prep dinner, I hear you bonding with Daddy in the other room. How sweet. I think it’s a favourite for you. 

I turned on some Disney soundtrack tunes, a little something different. And when Little Mermaid “under the sea” came on, you appeared at my feet, hands raised, “dah”. But of course my darling!

And we danced to the fishies on the screen. We twirled and sang and tickled – your small soft hand on my shoulder. Your look of delight was worth any and every pause I could ever give you. 

I will dance with you anytime, my dear. 

Funny – a day that started off exhausting, ended with dancing in the kitchen and the resounding sweet sound of “mamma”, “dadda”. 

How sweet it is to love you. xo

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