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How getting rid of these household items has improved our health (and our wallet)

August 4, 2017

From my home to yours, I want to share some ways our health and budget has improved and changed over the past couple of years, simply by eliminating a few products and adding in a few natural ones.

It’s been a 2-3 year process of starting to cut out chemicals in our lives – really around the time I became a wife and had a home to share and take care of!

Now, I was the girl who loved dryer sheets, smelly candles, air fresheners in my car, and conventional cleaners. I liked a clean and smelly house! Then a few months into marriage, and my skin broke out like CRAZY. Like… make me want to cry when I washed my face kind of breakouts. I share more about that journey here. I tried the naturopath, had allergy testing, changed up my skincare and so forth, and did find some products I liked. But they weren’t natural options. After some research, it was clear to me that it was hormonal acne. I was ready to try and do anything!

Fast forward to getting pregnant, and I had a vested interest in my surroundings and how my environment might affect my baby in utero and when it arrived. Did I really want my baby and future children, and us, smelling toxic chemicals from cleaners and fragrances?

Enter doTERRA essential oils. I’ve shared this story here before, about why and how I got involved so I won’t expand any more on that. But there are many things around the house I don’t need to buy anymore because of choosing more natural options, and I can honestly say the health of our family is notable!

It hit me lately.

If we get colds, they don’t last very long. I have noticed this with my daughter, and Troy and I. We load up on oils, apple cider vinegar, lemon – options that are healthy and likely in your pantry. A few years ago, when I got a cold, it lingered for 2-3 weeks and was very hard to shake! I honestly attribute this change to cutting out/limiting chemicals (like artificial fragrances and harmful cleaners) in our home.

There’s loads of research on how hormones are affected by chemicals and toxins, and after the struggles I’ve had, I was and am willing to do whatever I can to eliminate hormone disruptors! We also eat healthier (less eating out, more homemade) than we did a couple years ago, and I know that helps. I am not completely “there” in finding all the clean products I like, but I have noticed a difference in the past two years and I am certain that this journey has had something to do with it!

Take a look at the list below of things I don’t need to buy anymore (or ever did, but many homes do) and what the average annual cost is per household:

*dryer sheets – average $3.97 for 80 sheets – x 6 times a year = $24 annually

*candles – average $10-15 spent every month or two (my prior cost) = average $60 annually

*home air fresheners – average $4-12, depending on quantity = average $25 annually

*car fresheners – $4 each x 3 year = $12

*all purpose cleaning spray – average $4 bottle x 2 year = $8 year

*counter top spray – $5 each x 3 year = $15 year

*veggie & fruit spray – $5 bottle x 2year = $10

*Cold FX – 18 capsules = $12 annually (or other cold medications)

*Advil – $10 bottle x 3 year = $30 year

*time off work = invaluable

That’s $196 year in cleaners (a conservative number!), fragrances and cold medication, not even including dish and laundry detergent, or toiletry items like shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, hairspray, etc. Many of which doTERRA sells or I make my own.

I believe your health is worth the adventure of giving up some of these toxins and fragrances! There are some very simple steps you can take, just to get started!

Please hear my heart –  I actually want you and your family to have the best chance of health that you can!

Now, I still struggle with my skin from time to time, and after our recent holidays and my crazy breakouts, I am most certain it’s more related to food than I realized. Though pregnancy hormones also make it harder to determine the cause 😉

I talk more about the uses of doterra oils in the kit I started with here, in this post. 

Your health could get a huge lift just by getting rid of the above items from your home, and adding in essential oils, along with some good ‘ol vinegar, baking soda, and coconut oil! In everything from cleaning mildew, scrubbing grime out of your sink, cleaning dishes, countertops, bathrooms, floors, and even some toiletries, some doTERRA oils and On Guard Cleaner Concentrate, along with vinegar, baking soda, and/or coconut oil, will go a long ways in helping you clean your home naturally and without chemicals!

Just think about it. I’m laying down a challenge!

Want to learn more? Visit here to learn more about the oils I love, and let’s connect!

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