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Happy 3 years to us 

August 9, 2017

We sat on the bench, staring out at the lake – licking our ice cream cones. We had just met like a few days prior.  Then you said, “hey, let’s take a picture” And I melted.

I was dumbfounded that it was so easy. Is this for real? . I’d always forced things or thought I had to “try” so much harder to make love happen.
But then I met you. And comfortable and easy were our anchors. Jesus was our mutual King and we laid all our cards on the table from the get go.

One year later, almost to the date, we were married.

From two moves in six months, a new church and community of friends, starting businesses and pursuing creativity, a beautiful daughter and another baby on the way — There’s no one I’d rather ride the waves of life with than you Troy.

We fight more, are more honest, and challenge each more now than ever. But it’s comforting. Because we fight for us.  We know what each other needs better and try harder to meet that. And I appreciate that. And even though my pregnancy hormones have me all like “don’t touch me” at times, I still don’t want a king bed because I’d rather have you close at night. 😘

I am proud of you, babe. The man God is shaping you to be. I am so thankful for how hard you work so I can stay home to be with our kids. I am honoured to be your wife my love. Here’s to three years of I Do. And a bazillion more 😘

(Four years later, in the same place as our first ever photo together)

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