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Decorating in haste no more – thinking of our next home

August 18, 2017

We are on the move! ‘Er, we want to be. Our house is up for sale (privately), and the sign is out front, waiting for the right buyer to come knocking. You know how hard this is for a planner/nester/18 weeks pregnant woman like me?! We need another bedroom and yard space for a growing family, and a detached garage for Troy’s growing business.

When we moved in to this duplex bungalow 2.5 years ago, we were newlyweds and I was ITCHING to decorate and set up our home. Our things had been in boxes since our wedding five months prior, and I had a looming deadline for an article I was writing, in which I had to share photos of our “first home”. That put the pressure on to get some things on the walls and furniture in place.

Our first gallery wall 😉

After a re-do!









But it made me do everything in haste. And I re-hung things several times (ahem, our gallery wall for instance). I didn’t give myself time to rest in this new place and get a vision for our style and what we could do with what we already have, and where we could save and work towards building. I guess we worked with what we had!  Fortunately, we inherited some beautiful antique pieces over the last few years, and have also bought some statement pieces that I still love and will work in our next home!

This piano belonged to Troy’s Dad, and I’ve been given permission to paint it. But I’m waiting until we’re settled into our new home to decide on colour! I also love love that antique gold mirror!

I still love our copper T&L and our headboard that Troy made xo

We bought this clock with wedding gift money – still love it!

That hutch was a wedding gift from my in-laws! I love it!

I don’t know about you, but social media, Pinterest especially, puts this instant pressure to have things just so. To “share your home” in all its glory. And I feel it. I swung with the trends and definitely did some things Troy and I like, but I feel like my style has evolved.

So with our next home, I want to let it breathe a bit. No matter how many renos it needs or anxious I feel before baby arrives to get things done, I want to decorate with things I love, that we can afford, that have meaning, and bring us joy as a family. I see a lot more color in our next home 😉

Fortunately, Troy and I have very similar tastes – somewhere along the lines of rustic-chic-French with a touch of bohemian (the last three are likely more me 😉 ) We want more navy, less greige. I want more pattern and pops of color with accent textured walls like wood and wallpaper and wainscoting. Since we knew this home was temporary and for a certain demographic (adult), we never really made it our own and feel like we’ve lived in exit mode the whole time. But, you work with what you have, right? We are super thankful for the time we’ve had in this home. I know I may not have the pristine granite countertops right away again, or the grass cut for me (hello HOA), but we are ready to move on and see what God has for us next!

And while time has never been my best friend (I like things done NOW), I am wanting to learn to like to sit next to it, abide there, and give myself (and Troy!) time to make it our own, beautiful in its own time. And of course, however we create our home, it has to be kid-friendly, so I must keep that in mind now!

So, that being said, here are some styles I am loooooooving and what I’d like to incorporate in to our next home (click on the photo to take you to the original site):

Great use of shutters for a French textured look

Wood wall and built ins

Brick, somewhere in the house! Please?

Something about this I love – the floor, the wood doors. Black, white, and wood!

Love this look too, no link available. White with wood butcherblock counters and a chandelier!

Botanicals! And some piece of furniture in navy blue.

I’d like to do a navy feature wall in our room. And I love this rug! Our furniture is cream, so I think something more dramatic on the wall would be great! Photo from House & Home magazine, no link available.

Elizabeth will soon be in a big girl room, and we have an antique brass bed. So I envision navy, pink, gold and maybe mustard yellow for her room. But I need to think on that one more! And once we find out if we’re having boy or girl (two weeks!), then I can start planning the next nursery! 😉

Can you tell I’m excited? Lord, help me to trust Your timing and be patient!

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