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Writing a book – behind the scenes

August 24, 2017

The inspiration behind my recent self-published book, Just a Minute, was multi-faceted. I wanted to be able to offer more resources here on the blog; simple downloads, ways to know me and my heart more. And let’s be honest – as a writer and hopefully future “real” published author with an agent – having a blog and finished product to show looks good!

I’ve had another book on the go for a couple years, one I really feel needs an agent and publisher. So I slowlyI keep adding to that one, and praying for God’s work to continue in my heart for that purpose. I also have a children’s book idea, inspired now from becoming a mother. I don’t honestly think the work of a creative purpose is ever finished. You keep getting more ideas to plug away at!

The inspiration…

But for Just a Minute, it hit me that I had a lot of Monday Minute type devotional posts here on the blog; writing born mostly from the work God has been doing in me. When I write it out, it helps me process, and I figure someone else could surely use it! I gathered all the posts I’d written since Troy and I got married and realized there was more than enough for a month’s worth of daily reading in the past three years.

So, I gathered, edited, deleted…and the sort. And as I read from start to finish of the 31 chapters I chose, I could clearly see there was a consistent message of God’s grace, abiding, and leaning into His finished work during times of transition. And that sometimes, it takes just a minute in His presence to reset. We should obviously try for more, but He can do in a minute what we’ve worked a lifetime to achieve.

The hum drum…

Amidst the choosing of the chapters and what should go in to it, was plenty of doubt, handfuls of “screw it, I don’t want to do this anymore”, buckets of frustration of if it’s worth it, and a dash of tears to Troy about my creative desires colliding with the Holy Spirit’s work in me. It’s one thing to say you’re going to “sit down and write”, it’s another thing to do so. It’s not like a tap you can just turn on! Unfortunately. So it’s unpredictable when the real inspiration will come. But when it comes, oh glory, let it come! 😉 I would mostly use nap times and the odd evening, as I really savour our weekends together as a family and try to take them “off” from “thinking” work as much as possible.

Learning from others and creating a work-back schedule…

I took a webinar on writing an ebook, hosted by Abby Lawson at Just a Girl and her Blog, and the biggest nugget I took from that was to have a work back calendar. At that point, I was about three months from when I wanted to launch so the timing was perfect, since the majority of my content was written. I set a launch date and started to plug in other important dates like “edits finished”, “cover chosen”, “uploaded for print”, and so forth.

Book cover…

After some time of editing, organizing, etc. I then chose a few book cover options, and had a couple friends weigh in on their choice. These friends know me, read my blog, and we all chose the same cover image!



Choosing a printer and software…

I used Blurb as my printer, because I’ve used them before with After I Do, and their process and software (BookWright) is fairly user-friendly. They help you get on Amazon and iBooks and shipping is pretty quick. All in all, I am happy with my experience with them!

Launch team…

I chose a few friends and family who I know are active on social media and read my work, to help me promote on social media. I gave them some language and images to use, with the freedom to weave in their own story to the message.

Testing it in person…

I ordered my own copies, to see them in print first, and after some issues with the spine printing, we were set to go! I uploaded to Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks, and awaited confirmation of their approval.

We then went away on holidays and shortly after we got back, all was confirmed with the ebooks.

As launch day drew closer, I shared bits of it on social media, along with my launch team and their assigned dates.

I am extremely grateful for all the support and love shown for this book and pray that Just a Minute is a real blessing to those who read it!

To order your copy, you can visit here. If you’d like to know more, please comment below or fill out my contact form on my About page and let’s connect!

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