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How essential oils have impacted this mamma’s family

September 12, 2017

I’ve shared my story of why I got into using doTERRA essential oils before here on the blog, but I wanted to share from someone else’s perspective. This friend is the one who got me started and has seen numerous positive results with her family. Β She is the friend who invited me to zumba when Troy and I first moved to the area. She has been very kind as I have transitioned into motherhood, and I am so grateful she encouraged me to get involved with doTERRA before I became a mamma! She is a mamma of three and wife to Edmonton Eskimos player with multiple opportunities daily to use essential oils. I asked her a few simple questions, and below she shares her story…

1) Why did you get involved with doTERRA essential oils initially?

I started using EO’s when a friend introduced me to doTERRA. We were discussing how to help our littles during cold and flu season and she mentioned OnGuard & Breath (Easy Air). (A killer combo at battling cold/flu’s as well as boosting immunity!)

There wasn’t a lot out there (besides frequent hand washing) to help prevent these little ones from catching colds/flus and not much you can give them if they do get sick. I gave it a go, saw results and have never turned back. Who knew there were so many EO’s and so many uses for each?! I love that they are natural and make my home a safer and healthier place….. plus they smell glorious!Β πŸ˜‰

I chose doTERRAΒ because it’s the first company I heard of but also because I loved the purity of their oils and how they are sourced.

2) How has it changed your family life and health?

Our family life and health have changed in that I feel like I have a defense system when something is going on with any of us – from a bug bite to sore muscles to croup or digestive issues. I start with treating with oils and look for improvement (which often happens) if it’s more serious or I see no improvement, I always go to a doctor/move to prescription medicines.

Here’s a bit more of a list of what happens in our home:

Our house smells better as I love to diffuse oils! I feel like colds/flus are fewer and far between, I drink more water because of lemon oil, On Guard soap smells delicious and kills viruses/bacteria, I also love the OnGuard toothpaste and the taste, the tingle when I add a drop of peppermint to my conditioner, the relief of my mosquito bites from lavender, deleting dandruff with Melaleuca, reliefs of pms/cramps from Clary Calm…. I could go on and on.

3) What are some preconceived ideas you had that have been busted since using doTERRA?

I didn’t have very high expectations when I started using oils – my husband was pretty skeptical. As I started experimenting, researching and using them more and more the oils began exceeding my expectations! My husband started asking what to use and then started using them without consulting me after a while! After 2 years, we both now feel very confident in our use of doTERRA essential oils and the amazing qualities they have.

4) What’re your most used 3 oils and why/how?

My most used oils are: On Guard, Easy Air (Breathe in the US), Digest-Zen & Lavender … but Melaleuca (TeaTreeΒ in the US), Oregano and Lemon are right up there too!

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If you would like help getting your family on the track toward health and toxin free living, please message me at or visit my doTERRA website here.

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