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It’s a girl!

September 14, 2017

Well, little Elizabeth will be getting a sister come January! I am now 22 weeks pregnant and can hardly believe in a few short months we’ll have TWO girls! Newborn days seem like so long ago with E, so I am excited for those little snuggles and winter hibernation (inevitable) to be sweet as I am doubly forced to slow down.

How has this pregnancy been different from my first?

I haven’t been as nauseous. *Praise*

I’ve had some nasty varicose veins and bodily… “pressure”… that I didn’t have with E.

In the beginning I was very sluggish, but now feel more like I can get through most days without a nap.

I crave salty. E I couldn’t get enough orange juice!

I had a phase with this pregnancy also where I didn’t want or need a cup of joe, now I like my 1-2 cups (and doc says it’s A-O-K πŸ˜‰ )

I had a couple days of bleeding gums. Weird and random!

I’ve apparently been more irritable πŸ˜‰ (Sorry, ya’ll)

I feel less worried about delivery; knowing a bit better what to expect helps that. Even though I know it’s incredibly painful, I feel like at least “knowing” that helps! πŸ˜‰

Also running after a sweet growing toddler and praying our house sells and dreaming of our new family home has its own stresses. Daily I have to remind myself that God’s timing and choice are perfect (He has always shown that time and time again!), and if we are in this house still come January, then so be it. But I still plan to buy some extra storage tubs this week and start purging/packing as much as I can!

Now…to think of little girl names! Any suggestions?

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