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My favourite diffuser blends

October 12, 2017

A few people have asked me what kinds of essential oils, and combinations, I like to diffuse so I wanted to share some of my favs (from what I have in stock personally!) My journey with essential oils began when I was pregnant the first time, and you can read more of my “why” here. When I learned about the effects of scented candles and all the toxins, I was horrified! Mostly because I looooooved candles!  But I knew there was still healthy ways to enjoy scents without all the toxins!

When I started with doTERRA, I bought the petal diffuser along with my family essentials kit, and it’s still doing great! I try to soak it in vinegar every 1-2 weeks to clean it out.

Why diffuse? Well, among the many scent benefits, most oils have anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal benefits that are powerful air cleansers. They can help rid the air of odours or viruses lingering in the air. When you smell ANYTHING, your limbic system receives a message based on that smell. Happy, calming, relaxing … these oils can be powerful for supporting the air and mood in your home. Wouldn’t you rather smell natural plant-based oils that are helping you over petroleum-clad toxic diesel fuel? Just saying 😉

I’ve played with different combinations, and some of these will be personal preference. But these are some of the oils I like to use. 6-8 drops total in a petal diffuser is plenty and you can mix and match from the oils listed below to get the desired scent and effect you are looking for.

Happy diffusing!

If you would like to learn more about doTERRA essential oils and get your home equipped with immunity fighting oils and a variety of other great products to help your family’s health, please contact me through my doTERRA website or send me an email at

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