Let’s meet again

October 31, 2017

It’s early morning. Snow has started to dust the morning crispy grass. My world of home is still asleep, and I wanted to send you this small thought that hit me the other day, in case, just in case, you need to hear it too.

Have you ever met someone and immediately felt like you didn’t make a good impression, or the one you really wanted to make? Or left a party and after meeting a whole bunch of new people, did you pick apart each introduction and how it made you feel? I know I can often feel the pressure of making a good first impression.

*Pause right here. Toddler daughter woke up. We did our morning. Tantrum happened. Adorable snuggles happened. Dancing happened. Messes happened. Mamma’s legs swelling happened. Dog running off into the neighbourhood happened. Fresh bread happened. Snowmen happened. Naptime. Now I’m back* …

Meeting Troy’s family for the first time was overwhelming and scary. I met his folks that first summer at their lake lot, and as I nervously walked into the trailer with a bouquet of flowers I handed them to his Mom and we hugged. I made a great effort to have a good first impression.

But you know what I’m slowly learning? With God, we don’t have to worry about what kind of impression we are making. We just need to show up. Meet Him.

For me, the past few years have been a journey of remeeting God as my Father. Not as a teacher, or disciplinarian, or someone who will disappoint me – but as THE ONE AND ONLY Who can satisfy my heart, protect it, defend it, speak to it, counsel it, love it.  I remember as a young girl, about four or five-years-old, asking Jesus into my life out of fear of hell, not out of love for Him or awe of Him. And for years I lived out of fear-mode – protecting my heart, controlling whatever I could. And still do, in many respects. It’s a journey. 😉

So my “moment” the other day was at the end of this video (around min 18:00) when Kari Jobe said that she felt people needed to be reintroduced to their Father.  To His caring heart for us. And I cried. Because I need to remeet Him often, and be reminded that He is good, and does good (Psalm 119:68).

We all have brokenness that only God can fix… And we all need to really meet Him. Sometimes, over and over again. The only one Who can make us whole again. Have a listen to this song, and I pray it is a comfort to you as well!




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