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If I could choose only 10: doTERRA product spotlight

November 6, 2017

Just 10 products? Yep. I challenged myself to choose my favourite 10 doTERRA essential oils/products (based on what I have tried so far). I have heard amazing testimonials on the results people have had using their supplements. In fact, their Lifelong Vitality Pack is the number one selling doTERRA product! We haven’t had the budget to test it out consistently for three months like I’d like to, but that is in our future plans! I’ve also heard some fantastic testimonials on their women’s hormone balancing line, as well as their digestion products.

But. I have had some people ask me, “What are your must have’s?” So I thought I’d do a post on my top 10 (so far) from what I have tried, that if I had to do without the rest, these are the ones I would choose, and why. I have listed the price in retail (without wholesale membership) USD, but if you’d like to talk about a wholesale membership (25% off everything annually) then let’s chat! It’s only $42CAD or $35USD per year.

This top 10 list gives a few basic oils that have a MULTITUDE of purposes, along with a few home cleaning and toiletries that I have come to love. Though, it’s so hard to narrow it to 10! Can I do 11? Or maybe 12.

Nope. Sticking to 10. If your budget only allowed for a few oils or products, this is where I personally would start.

  1. On Guard Cleaner Concentrate

You can read about or shop the product here, but this has made cleaning the house while pregnant SO enjoyable! It’s been scientifically proven to clean 99.9% of all germs (better than that ‘ol, ahem, Lysol I used to use, cough, cough). It is non-toxic, plant-based, and is a delicious combination of wild orange, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils. You simply dilute about 1tbsp per cup and voila – yummy cleaner!

Think of your body as a sponge – what you walk on is absorbed through your feet, and then travels through your body’s circulatory system. What you breathe affects your hormones and limbic system, leading to your brain.  This is safe! It retails for around $20USD (without doTERRA membership) and I use it on my floors, countertops, mirrors/windows, as a veggie/fruit wash, and even in my dishwasher!


2. Lavender

Mmmmm, I love me some lavender! This is a fav because you can use it on everything from burns to dry skin, for anxiousness or sleep, diffusing, bathtime, dropping on your dryer balls, or even on the chest for hay fever. It literally has SO many uses! Grown and harvested in Bulgaria, I now dream of seeing the very lavender fields this grows in! It retails for around $30USD (again, without doTERRA’s 25% off wholesale membership), and can be shopped for here. Want a membership? Comment below that you’re interested or send me an email from my doTERRA business site.




3. Lemon

This oil is grown and harvested in Sicily, and retails for around $14USD and can be shopped for here. If you love lemon in your water, this is your oil! And it’s actually cheaper to do one drop of oil in your water than cut up lemons every day! I crave my lemon water! Lemon oil is used as a natural liver detoxifier, but you can also use it in a spray bottle of water and a few drops of lemon as a natural cleaner, eliminate odours when sprayed or diffused (I like this one when I burn things!), and is also useful for removing scufs from surfaces or polishing wood. Any citrus oil is great for uplifting the mood and also helps to give your laundry a fresh scent when added to your detergent or dryer balls.




4. Peppermint

This was actually the oil that made my husband a believer in the power of essential oils! It takes the edge of any an oncoming migraine or a headache right away! Harvested in NW USA, Peppermint retails for around $29USD and can be shopped for here. Want a membership to get the discount? Comment below or message me on my business site!  I love to use this oil as a combination “pick me up” with other oils like any citrus oil, or even lavender. It has an incredible way of easing tension in the neck, temples or any aching area, and is also great for cough/chest congestions when rubbed on the chest. You can ingest it for respiratory support, and it’s also been known to take the edge off a fever when coupled with lavender (great for kids!).



5. On Guard

This oil blend provides natural and effective immunity support. It smells delicious, and I can’t count the times it has prevented me from catching my daughter’s colds or someone else’s! You can ingest it as a safe immunity boost, diffuse it to clear the air of toxins, and use topically on areas of concern (spine, neck, chest are all good areas to start). This oil is a no-brainer to have in your family tool kit! You can shop it here and it retails for around $45USD.





6. Frankincense

This is one of the most well-known and highly sought after oils, because it literally is profound in its power and uses. Everything from mental relaxation to healthy cell function, and mood enhancement, this oil also acts as a “booster” for other oils. That means that when coupled with another oil, it actually enhances its power. I’ve used this in my skin care (helps with aging and scars!) and put one drop under my tongue ‘almost’ daily for healthy cellular function and internal support. I wouldn’t want to go without this one because it is so powerful in its potency and support. You can shop this oil here, and it retails for around $99USD.




7. Tea Tree/Melaleuca


This oil is harvested in Australia, and retails for around $27USD and can be shopped for here.

This is also a well-known, multi-purposed oil that is fantastic to have in your home. Everything from skin care (zits!), to healing wounds, eliminating odours and bed bugs (yuck!), or even cleaning surfaces of your home. I have used this in combination with On Guard and Frankinsence as a natural immune booster for my daughter (1.5 years old).



8. On Guard Toothpaste

Mmmmm, I LOVE this stuff! I just started using this natural toothpaste in lieu of my DIY stuff, as I am about to have another baby soon and really want some great go-to toiletries and less DIY to keep up with for a while. It’s most potent flavour would be cinnamon, and the first time I used it I was like, “Oh wow that feels so good!” The bottle is actually quite big, and retails for about $12USD. Shop for it here. If you have a doTERRA membership however, you pretty much get this back FREE with shipping points! Curious? Send me a message on my business page to find out how!




9. Shampoo/Conditioner


This amazing natural shampoo and conditioner combo retails for around $40 USD and has been a dream find for me. Shop for it here. My hair is naturally fairly oily, but with this, I get an extra day of wear from it!  It smells like citrus and mint and lasts forever since you don’t need as much! I have very thick and long hair and am just using up what I bought in June! I love that it has no parabens or hormone-altering substances in it, and my hair feels like it gets a spa treatment every time!




10. Facial Cleanser/Reveal System in 1 promo? 😉  There are more products in this line, but I have started with these two. The Facial Cleanser at $23USD retail and the Hydrating Cream at $49USD retail. I wanted to choose more than favourite oils, because we all l good skin care and toiletry products and don’t always have time (or desire) to do DIY. These products include oils such as frankinsence, geranium, tea tree, peppermint and lavender and are packed with hydrating and anti-aging agents to help give my skin a boost! I have been using this for about a month and LOVE it. I add one drop of frankinsence to my cream in the morning and have noticed a difference!




There you have it! My top 10 favs SO FAR! I have some new product coming this month that I am excited to try, and perhaps it will make my next fav’s list 😉 But for now, if you’re wondering where to start, these are some of my favourites. This month (November), if you enrol with doTERRA, you get 20% off your enrolment kit! HUGE SAVINGS! If you would love to get started on your natural health journey for you and your home, comment below or send me a message from here, and I’d love to connect!


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