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Nursery and big girl room inspiration

November 13, 2017

If you’ve been following along on the blog or instagram, you’ll know that we are waiting for ourย house to sell in order to buy something that works for our growing family. We are trusting God for His timing, and in the meantime, this preggo mamma is dreaming, collecting, thrifting, and pinning ideas! I thought I would share with you some of the vision I currently have for the girls’ nursery and big girl room (crazy, GIRLSSSSSSS!)

This is all “ideal world” planning, but I have collected a few things over the past while that have helped to frame this vision. Some of Elizabeth’s thing’s will be repurposed for her big girl room – her gold frames I still love, pillows, and some photo frames. Her little sister will inherit her rocking chair and crib, but Baby Girl #2 will also have some of her own things ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also, my ideal rooms for them would have big windows, with the opportunity to paint or wallpaper as Mommy desires ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, dream with me, the best is yet to come …

(I have linked each photo back to its original post, to respect those who took the picture!)

Baby Girl #2 Nursery

My colour palette for this room will be blush, olive, mustard, and maybe hints of other blues like navy or turquoise.ย  “Earthy and romantic” would be the right way to depict what I’d like to create for her!

About a year ago, Troy and I picked up this adorable antique white crib frame (half of it), that I plan to use as architectural detail on her wall. It’s currently in storage but looks something like this…

Courtesy of Cathouse Beds

I also have an old dresser of my Grandma’s that I’ve painted before (duck egg blue), but I’m very done with that colour! So, we will be using it as a changetable in baby’s room, and I have a project with Fusion Mineral Paint coming up and have chosen the color Little Piggy.

Courtesy of Fusion Mineral Paint

I also have some embroidery hoops I had for another project, that I want to do some lace and greenery for – likely for both girls. For baby’s room, it’ll be greenery like this…

Courtesy of IG tribesnpines

Since I’m married to a carpenter, we always have plenty of rough wood around. Once we choose a name, I’d love to paint a piece of rough wood like this … (no, that’s not her name or even on our list!)

Courtesy of Making Joy & Pretty Things

I looooooove this wallpaper for her nursery, so we shall see if I can find it or something like it that’s affordable!

Courtesy of Project Nursery

And to go along with the earthy romantic theme, I love this mobile, and once I find the right shade of felt, I’d like to try and make it! I made Elizabeth’s mobile after buying the base off of Amazon and then fashioning some fringed ribbon around it.

Courtesy of Etsy, Sweet Enchantment

I also have a couple shutters in storage that are currently pink, but since I am painting her dresser a light pink, I’d like to create a nice soft olive shelf out of the shutters (I say “I” as in “my husband” ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), with a couple hooks, like this…

Courtesy of Hometalk

And finally, lighting. Oh we all dream of beautiful lighting, and then it’s a matter of finding the right one and the right deal! I would love a french chandelier for both the girls, but will likely end up doing something budget friendly like this one at IKEA!

Courtesy of IKEA Canada

So there you have it. Baby girl #2 nursery… Until our house sells, she will be nesting in our room in an old wood bassinett with the soft pink dresser in our room as a changetable. We will make do until we can move in to our longer-term home! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now, on to big girl’s room – Elizabeth.

Big Girl’s Room

The colours will be very similar to her little sister, helping me to repurpose different things I find. But Elizabeth’s room will have more navy – so a palette with blush, navy, and mustard as the inspiration. I would call her room “earthy romantic sass”… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Courtesy of Society 6

The first piece we ever had, even before she was born, was this gorgeous antique brass toddler bed. It was given to us (yay!) It’s been in storage ever since, but looks something like this…

If I could choose a rug, I would choose one something like this. My tastes are moving more towards colour and a bohemian feel, and I love how you can bring in so many different colors with one rug! I’ve seen aย similar one on Wayfair, so we shall see! I would likely layer it with the fur rug we got at IKEA at the foot or beside her bed.

Courtesy of Rugs Direct

I still love florals, and some of my favourite are stock – they remind me of England. And this soft pink is adorable! I actually have some from her first birthday that will work perfect (see, use what you have!)

Along with the embroidery hoop theme, and to use some of what I have (and will likely order more here!), I want to use some white and navy blue lace that I found thrifting. I will also likely use some fabric (once I find the perfect cutie material!) Something like this for her walls (though not near as many hoops in one place!)

Courtesy of Babble

I would love to get little bookshelves like these ones, since Elizabeth LOVES books so much! If we can fit actual bookshelves in her future room, then I will use that, but these are a great alternative. How CUTE are the colours here?!

Courtesy of Rocky Mountain Decals

This is on my wish list – a teepee! My girl loves to have private spaces to retreat to, and something that is soft and feminine would be perfect! Maybe her 2nd birthday ๐Ÿ˜‰

Courtesy of House of Five

I am in love with botanicals, florals, and watercolour these days. I’d like to try and paint something like these on my own, and hang them on twine with clothespins.

Courtesy of Boxy Colonial

And that is my plan thus far for the big girl room for Elizabeth! I’m sure it’ll ebb and flow, but it’s fun to dream, collect and plan ๐Ÿ˜‰

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